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Parenthood is the ecstasy of happiness and it is a charming experience when you hold your baby in your arms for the very first time. There are certain things which cannot be expressed in words, you can just feel them. When it comes to your baby, you would definitely like to record every moment by preparing some diary or baby journal.

Who wouldn't want to save memories of their little one?

Preparing an online baby journal can be a great option in such a case. Whether you want to record the first smile, the first gesture or the initial words spoken, you can successfully do it by maintaining a baby journal. And these precious moments that you capture today can bring a smile on your face even after years.

Why only an online baby journal?

There are people who are not aware of online methods of maintaining dairy and they try to update everything on a piece of paper or on the PC. Though it helps them to store memories, but it is not a secured way. In your online baby journal you can add photos, videos, prepare notes, etc and can keep a track on every moment. Online baby diaries can also help you to share those memories with the people dear to you, as you can invite them to your album.

Only putting down beautiful reminiscences in to words can sometime make journal look lifeless. You can add life to your journal by adding photographs and videos. Such journals can help you to detain special moments forever. In these journals you can even place details of growth chart, height, tooth information and many things related to your baby.

Basically such types of journals are replacement for the diaries used in past. Today parents are readily accepting baby journals as they don't have to put in more time and efforts to write down everything on a piece of paper. Even if they store it in computer, there are chances of losing information and storing the data online is a convenient method.

The best part while using these online baby journals is that most functions are automated, you just need to connect your camera or video camera to your PC. If you are looking for one such online program then hiraj one of the most used online baby journal, the best part is that it is currently providing these services for free, so you can just hurry up!

hiraj is an online baby journal where parents can collate important and vital information about their baby's growth and preserve those precious memories which would otherwise fade with time. For further information visit us at

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