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Don't Be Troubled: Liberals Are On Their Way Out

by Michael D. Hume

Liberal politicians in the U.S., among them such luminaries as Hillary Clinton and Al Gore, are fond of describing Christmas as the celebration of a homeless baby born to a homeless couple in a stable.


Joseph and Mary weren't homeless. They had a perfectly good home in Nazareth, built by Joseph himself. Didn't Hillary and Al see the movie about that? (Joking; but if you haven't seen "The Nativity Story," you should check it out.) No, they had to trundle off to Bethlehem, without hotel reservations, because it was the city of Joseph's birth and the Romans required everyone to journey back to their hometown for census and taxation purposes. So, actually, it was the tax-and-spend, big-government, liberal/progressive policies of the Roman Empire that forced the stable birth. The libs would like to paint it as another example of how government should do more for such downtrodden families (meaning, control them more)... but the truth will out.

Jesus, though, really was homeless. He never claimed an earthly home. His birth in a stable was symbolic of this. Later, He famously admonished his followers not to worry about having a roof over their heads, considering instead the lillies of the field and how they got by OK without a roof every day, thanks to His Heavenly Father.

Liberal politicians are on the wane here in America, and that's another thing we can all be thankful for this holiday season. Meanwhile, like Christ, let's try to remember to keep the spirit of Christmas in us every day of the year. Even if you aren't Christian, I believe it's that same spirit of brotherly love which I recognize as the Christmas spirit which brings out the best in you. And there's no reason not to bring forth your best every single day of the year.

May your season be filled with the best of everything, and may all your days be merry and bright.

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