Karaoke night special

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Karaoke is a Japanese term for singing, and was introduced into the UK in the mid 80's. Everyone loves to sing even if it is only in the bath or the car on the way to work to your favourite song. Karaoke is a fun way to entertain friends and family at any venue. Karaoke first started of with large discs loaded into a big clumsy machine and use to be a hard machine to carry around. In the 90's you could buy CD's which could be played in a machine that was designed and programmed to play music as well as showing the words on to a TV. Many people believe that it was due to these machines that the invention of the DVD player came from.

However, as time moved on many companies supplying Karaoke moved over to Laptops and Digital monitors making it not only compact and easier to transport but also a better way of indexing the songs. This allowed more time in the evening for singers to perform.

In the 90's Karaoke lost its buzz and for many companies who supplied the service withdrew it from their services. However now in the 21st Centaury its back with a mega following. With such shows as ‘X Factor' and ‘Stars in your eyes' the ability for anyone to have a go to sing is even more popular. The thrill of karaoke amuses the young and old alike. It's often the person who can't sing who gets the largest applause from the audience and voted the best of the night.

Some pubs and venues often run karaoke competitions and many entertainment companies will offer discounts if you are planning and booking such events. It is not an unusual thing to see the local pub down the road running karaoke on every Friday night. The following of karaoke is one that amazes so many people. The system can either be run on its own or with a disco. The karaoke systems of today offer excellent balanced sound systems for backing songs and artist. Many companies will offer clients the opportunity to hire the equipment on a self operate basics. Making it ideal for some fun in the sun at the next family BBQ!!

Please however remember that all companies offering karaoke hire should have Public Liability Insurance and equipment being Portable Appliance Tested. Along with this in 2009 the law changed on the entertainment industry and if the corporate DJ's system is ran via a laptop or a computer based system then the company should have the new ‘ProDub' Licence. To make it legal they have to produce a licence which matches the amount of songs present on their database system.

So whatever the reason to party, Karaoke is without doubt the best way for you and your friends to entertain each other!!!

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