Kal Kissne Dekha Movie Review

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Alas, looks like long-listed supernatural-thrillers aren't gonna end in Bollywood. Why do filmmakers penning a

thriller-script actually fail to deliver that genuine genre? A Billion dollar question indeed! In the past couple of

months we've been witnessing certain flicks running lack of nitty-gritty panoramas of thriller elements.

Regrettably, the scenarios were wretched with ‘8X10 Tasveer', ‘Aa Dekhe Zara' as there were no

twists-n-turns, factors of surprisal elements for the audiences. Incisively, here joins another flick on the

queue of feigned-thriller that extremely dashes down our hopes.

‘Premonitions' - so-called ducky sort of conceptualization has hop-skipped from Hollywood to B-Town.

Predicting the future, getting for hand-in-hand combat with fate, etc; naturally, ‘Kal Kisne Dekha' is set at

backdrops of these vistas that lacks almost everything in terms of ‘Thriller'.

Screenwriters have indeed crafted interesting plots and attention-grabbing twists, but soon they're turning

to be more off ennui. Above all the most disappointing part is where we are urged to go-through merely the

talents of Jaccky Bhagnani and story loses importance over there.

Nihal Singh (Jaccky Bhagnani) hailing from Chandigarh is a seemingly simple yet unconventional lad loaded

with non-stop talk, questioning a lot. Totting up to his characterization, he's a genius designing complicated

gadgets during leisure hours. Much bonded to his mom, his costliest dream is to study in best institute of

science. His insatiable passion for big ideas in small things makes his so unparalleled to other lads beside him.

Of course, Nihal's dreams come true when he's accepted the top-charting college of Mumbai. Right flying

across the seventh heaven, this chap has to go through certain turmoil in the initials days of his college life.

He's bawled out by his seniors and very often affronted by the girl he's fond off most. Nevertheless, nothing

seems to be a great barrier for this Ladka from Chandigarh as he easily wins applauses of appreciations from

his classmates as well his professor Verma (Rishi Kapoor), warden of his college.

Much fascinated with his unique nature of mind, Professor Verma voluntarily agrees to become his mentor.

The fille whom Nihal deeply in love with is Meesha (Vaishali Desai) doesn't spare a pinch of soft corner on

him. But things take a worst of turn when Nihal happens to foresee future only to find that dangerous

situations are awaiting for his sweetheart.

The innocent guy has to run now with the task of saving Meesha from clutches of life-threatening

situations. Now the news about Nihal's ability to foresee future spreads like wild fire-in forests amongst the

media channels. Meanwhile sweet love blossoms between Nihal-Meesha and they find solace in each. But,

things are getting more worsen for Nihal as someone is right behind him on misusing his gift of premonition

against him. Will he able jump out of his jeopardizing situation and save himself forms crux of the story.

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