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Just Go With It is an upcoming romantic comedy film that will be released in theaters on February 11, 2011. The main lead in movie is played by Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. Inspiration makes film more beautiful as reformatting story line is difficult and this movie is inspired from cactus Flower, a film of 1969. Just Go With It was originally titled Pretend Wife. Movie is captured under guidance of Dennis Dugan and story line is penned by Allan Loeb and Timothy Dowling. Sandler and Dennis Dugan has worked several times before on many projects like You Don't Mess with the Zohan, Happy Gilmore, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, Big Daddy and Grown Ups. Its nice funny tale to tickle you, sit back and enjoy this weekend as you can watch Just Go With It online. This is a great movie that will help you release tension. So you must watch Just Go With It at least once.

Adam Sandler plays Danny, a successful plastic surgeon who pretends to be unhappy in his married life. He does so in order to get girls. His efforts don't go in vain as ultimately he finds girl of his dreams. The lady finds the wedding band that he uses rather he trying to opt for regular method of being in unhappy marriage. All is fair in love and war, Danny lies to her and tells her that he is getting divorced. The dream girl is played by Brooklyn Decker. Brooklyn requests Adam to meet he soon-to-be-ex wife. As the story told by Danny is not true, he tells his office manager Katherine to pose as his wife. It works to prove his false story correct. But one lie leads to another. Brooklyn then requests to meet his children as well. This compels Katherine to bring in her children to prove the story of Danny once again. All this drama leads to a holiday in Hawaii where the life of each character takes new turn.

You can watch Just Go With It online free if you have a membership of any one movie websites. The comedy in the movie will make you laugh every now and then. To watch Just Go With It online is good but the fun and enjoyment will double if you watch movie in group, this adds to all the more laughter and another comedy sets up, Good luck folks and have fun watching Just Go With It.

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