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Journey to the River Sea written by Eva Ibbotson is among the best selling books in UK. You can buy this book online.

Eva Ibbotson is an Austrian-born British novelist and has wrote many books for Children Story Books. She has also worked on romantic novels. Her books has squeezed popularity among all section of readers. An alumni of Cambridge University she began her carrier with the 'Linda Came Today', a television drama. Her first work The Great Ghost Rescue came in 1975. Numerous books came after like The Secret of Platform 13, Journey to the River Sea, Which Which and Dial-a- Ghost. Ibbotson is a well known name and her works has many time selected for British children literature award. A prolific writer her books are imaginative and humorous. Magical creatures dominates in her Books Online. Love of nature reflects through her magnificent work Journey to the River Sea. This book is written to honor her husband who was a naturalist.

The story revolves around Maia the protagonist of the novel. She is an orphan and lives with her distant relatives the carters. She is a smart, brave and very wise. As inheritance she has got a lot of money and Carters want her due to this only. The story takes place in Manaus, Brazil.

She lives in the Mayfair Academy for Young Ladies in England. Mr. Murray who is a lawyer who proclaims as her relative take her to Manaus with Miss Minton, governess of Maia. Maia meets Clovis King who is travelling with his adoptive parents but wishes to go back to England to her foster mother.

Maia finds that the carter couple are not kind towards her. Maia want to meet Clovis and secretly slips out of the house. As she gets lost the way an Indian boy helps her to the theater. She finds Clovis a good actor. She meets another half-native boy Finn Taverner. She meets him as some people were chasing him because his grandfather desired him to be the heir of Westwood. The Book won Nestle Smartie award in 2001 and is available at online shops.

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