Joovy Kooper Stroller Review - A Lightweight Stroller That's Large With Mothers and fathers

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I do not assume that I've previously started out a solution review by pointing out what's wrong with the item. I try out to be goal and to the position... but I try to be kind too. In the following review I'm taking a different tact, however I'm however being sort, I have to explain to you that there is in truth some thing wrong with the Joovy Kooper.

In my opinion, the challenge with the Kooper is that it is not an umbrella stroller but it is really in comparison to umbrella's and it is not a regular-sized stroller but it is really in comparison to standard-sized strollers. The parents, the Kooper stroller owners who supplied input for this review, whether they knew it or not, have discovered a new products class. I do not know what this group is known as but, in summary, the Kooper is wonderful searching, lightweight, safe and sound and stable... It's not as light or as compact as umbrella strollers, and it doesn't have the bells and whistles that you'd ordinarily discover in regular strollers. Apparently, Joovy has created the Kooper for mother and father who need to have a thing amongst 'umbrella' and 'standard'. Hm, potentially I spoke too soon, probably there is not nearly anything wrong with the Joovy Kooper. Let us consider a nearer search.

Joovy has developed the Kooper with all-aluminum tubing, it has a incredibly large canopy that can be adjusted for possibly optimum visibility or optimum protection.

The crucial characteristic that makes the Kooper stroller unique is the wheel system. The Kooper has 4 big pneumatic wheels that can be removed for transport and storage. So even although the Kooper is bigger than umbrella strollers, it folds into a compact type aspect - just appropriate for traveling.

An additional element that will help the Kooper to distance by itself from the competitors is the multi-placement seat recline. Hardly ever do you see umbrella strollers with this functionality - mother and father change the angle of recline by just loosening or tightening a strap that is situated behind the seat.

Added benefits

Straightforward to fold

Uncomplicated transport and store

Excellent protection for your kid... protection from the sun, wind and rain

Who's utilizing this stroller?

Moms and dads who want stability and comfort and ease and the compactness

Mothers and fathers who want a merchandise that is hugely maneuverable

Parents who are ready to fork out a bit more for significant quality

What's operating effectively?


Big canopy

Removable wheels

What's not doing work well?

No automatic locking mechanism to maintain folded stroller secure

The Kooper stroller handles are not height adjustable

The Joovy Kooper weighs eighteen pounds. This is on the major facet for an umbrella stroller.

Why ought to you buy the Kooper?

You must acquire this stroller if you are hunting for a large good quality stroller that's constructed to previous.

You should purchase the Kooper stroller if you want a portable stroller that's as at ease as a more substantial normal-sized stroller.

You need to buy Kooper if you want a stroller that appears as great as it strolls.

Why you must 'not' acquire the Kooper?

You really should not buy this stroller if you're hunting for an ultra-light, ultra-compact umbrella stroller.

You must not buy this stroller if you're hunting for common-sized stroller functions this sort of as a kid tray, child cup holders and / or if you are hunting for a stroller with an additional significant beneath-seat storage basket.

Other strollers to contemplate

Maclaren Volo - The Volo is a well developed umbrella stroller that is made by a major-notch stroller firm. Like the Joovy Kooper, the Volo has a reclining seat.

Maclaren Techno XLR - In addition to sporting plenty of wonderful functions, the Techno XLR is compatible with a wide variety of infant automobile seats.

The Graco Ipo stroller is a umbrella stroller with a lot of good functions. What sets the IPO apart from the rest is the cost tag. The IPO charges significantly less than most umbrella strollers - it's a great appeal.


The Joovy Kooper is not as light as an umbrella stroller but it's a heck of a great deal smoother and safer... the Kooper is not as characteristic-packed as a regular-sized stroller but it beats typical-sized strollers 'hands down' when it comes to weight, maneuverability and compactness. The folks here at The Stroller Store genuinely appreciate Joovy goods and we advocate the Kooper to people father and mother who are looking for a new stroller category - someplace in between 'umbrella' and 'standard'.

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