Join In The New Years Eve Parties Around The World

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It is a time to celebrate on December 31st. New Years Eve parties are occurring all around the world to commemorate a New Year. Firework displays will be lighting up the skies, noisemakers blast through the air and champagne toasts at midnight. Every different country around the world brings in the New Year in a way that is important to them.

Canada, United States of America and Mexico are three out of the four countries to make up North America. The U. S and Canada celebrate similarly with watching the ball drop on television. Metropolitan cities may have large street parties and clubs at capacity. Rural areas may have more social gatherings and traditions that you can only do in a smaller setting. Celebrating with friends and family with some drinks may be seen in any home.

Also in North America, Mexico rings in the New Year with many traditions. Downing a grape for every one of the passing 12 seconds before midnight is common. Home and party decorations will be colourful with a meaning for each one. Red in the room will be for a better style of life and finding love. For better employment conditions, yellow will light up the rooms. Green is for an increase in finances, while white promotes good health.

The countries within Europe all celebrate with their own traditions. Fireworks and other noise makers can be found anywhere in Germany. Farmers wish their animals a Happy New Year for luck in Belgium. Always look up in Italy as they may be dropping old and unused items from their windows while wearing red underwear.

You better be hungry in the country of Estonia. Their lucky numbers are seven, nine and 12 and is suggested that you eat that many times on December 31st. Each meal represents strength for the upcoming year. You are never to finish all the food on your plate as some must be left for ancestors and spirits that will visit that evening.

Countries within Central and South America have their own way to welcome the New Year. Swimming is a frequent activity in Argentina. Brazilians are wearing white for luck. The colour of your underwear depends on your hopes for the New Year in Venezuela; red to find love, yellow for happiness. Have a large bill in your hand when making a toast for hopes of money. Walk home while carrying luggage if you hope to travel.

Though China celebrates their own New Year, some still celebrate December 31st just like the rest of Asia. The Times Square Mall in Hong Kong may remind you of the celebrations in Time Square, New York.

Gisborne, New Zealand, is the first large city to see midnight. They celebrate this triumph with large street parties. In more recent years, liquor bans have been enforced in some cities of New Zealand because of chaos in the streets.

Midnight on December 31st, the world will be ringing in the New Year. Common occurrences are alcohol being used for toasts, hopes of luck and fortune and a happy kiss to friends and family. New Years Eve parties will be happening in many countries as they ring in the New Year.

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