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News readers find it difficult to stay in touch with the current event when they travel to another country. People who travel to the Middle East region face the most difficulties in finding reliable news to read. Among the several reason that are behind is, the most obvious one is that, since all the news published in the Middle East is Arabic, it becomes difficult for people to find reliable news in English.
Translating Arabic news to English is not such a good idea as it sounds because Arabic language is far more advanced and complicated as compared to English or any other language spoken on earth. That is why people cannot rely on translated versions of this news.
Businessmen who have to rely on news in order to make decisions face the most difficulties in staying updated because of the very same reasons. Often businessmen hire people who have complete command over the Arabic language in order to translate Arabic news. Even with all the efforts, one cannot trust on a few sources of news when millions of dollars are at stake.

Sakhr Software designed a news reader called Johaina News reader by keeping in mind the problems faced by outsiders living in the Middle East. Johaina news reader is a revolutionary news monitoring service which can satisfy all the news and information needs of people living in the Middle East.
In simple words, Johaina news reader is a news monitoring services that provides you Arabic news in English. Like mentioned before, it was designed by keeping in mind the problems faced by outsiders living in the Middle East, so the translated version of news provided is highly reliable not only because of its readability but also because of the number of sources used to gather news for you.
Johaina news reader works by scanning the news directories of more than five hundred reliable news sources. The news found is then provided to you on your cell phone or computer in a priority based manner so that you can easily determine which news is more important and read the headlines first.

Johaina news reader can translate news to languages other than just English. All you have to do is set your priorities and preferences and after that, the news provided to you will be as you set the criteria for.
Johaina news reader is powered by top of the line search engine of Sakhr Software which enables johaina news reader to scan all the news directories of its resources and gives it to you in the palm of your hand. The very same search engine also makes it easier for the reader to find old news. Finding reliable news is never a problem if you are using the johaina news reader.
With the help of johaina news reader, you can easily stay updated on the current situation and make your business decision without any uncertainty. Johaina News Reader is a step in the future of news monitoring service and its users are a huge part of this future.

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