Jim Carrey's Silliest Three Movies

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Since the early 80s Jim Carrey has been the one of the best at delivering consistent comedy. Although Carrey is most widely known for his work in movies, Carrey was also very successful on television as well. Carrey certainly is at his best when he is making audiences laugh but as of late he has tried his hand in drama movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. His most recent acting confirms that there is a place for him in drama movies as well.

Let us however take a trip back in time through Carrey's movie acting career and highlight the three most entertaining comedy movies he has starred in. We will only be discussing the films that Carrey was a leading man.

Dumb and Dumber (1994)
Jim Carrey is at his absolute best in this ridiculously funny comedy. Carrey plays Llyod Christmas, a limo driver who doesnt have a lot to live for, with best friend Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels). After Llyod retrieves a briefcase left by limo passenger Mary Swanson (Lauren Holly), he and his best pal set out to make sure it gets back into safe hands. When they discover that it is filled with cash they decide to write a few IOU's because they are good for it. Their adventures throughout the movie will keep you laughing the entire time.

Liar Liar (1997)
Fletcher Reed, a lawyer who can't seem to tell the truth, is the personality played by Carrey in this film. When his son makes a birthday wish that his dad can't lie for an entire day, Fletcher has a hard time trying to keep that wish. The most amusing part of the whole movie is watching a lawyer try not to lie once within a day. The movie also stars Maura Tierney as Fletcher's wife Audrey. This film was creatively directed by Tom Shadyac (Evan Almighty, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry).

Bruce Almighty (2003)
Jim Carrey plays Bruce Nolen who is a down on his luck guy with a beautiful girlfriend Grace Connelly (Jennifer Aniston). After complaining about God (Morgan Freeman) one too many times, God decides to give Bruce a shot to see if he can play God better. Once Bruce realizes that he has ultimate power he has quite a time exploring what he is capable of. The fun wears off when he comes to understand just how much work being God is. Carrey plays this role beautifully.

Jim Carey has been acting for over a quarter of a century and acted in over 30 films. This article is just a snapshot into that great career. Currently Carrey is work on Mr. Poppers Penguins, a comedy to be released in 2011.. Mr. Poppers Penguins centers around a man and the six penguins that he inherits. His professional life turns upside down when he turns his apartment into a winter wonderland.

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