Jewish Films Become Focus of Movie Festivals

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Irresistible attraction of Jewish movies in film festivals :
Recently “Intimate Grammar” an entertainment piece among Israeli movies was in sensation. It was given the grand price in Tokyo International Film Festival. The movie was based on story background from an Israeli Novel “Book of Intimate Grammar”. Its director was honored with a prize of $ 50000 US Shakura Grand Prize Film Award on Sunday. “Intimate Grammar” also received accolades at the movie festival at Jerusalem. Many Jewish films were successfully highlighted at this festival. More than 100 Jewish movie festivals are held every year. Most of them are held in Europe and The United States. The LA Jewish Film Festival is one such notable event. It judges and awards the best movies, talented, producers, directors and actors of Jewish film industry. This function has successfully attracted coverage of entertainment media.
Significant award categories for Jewish or
Israeli films:
The film festival of Jewish movies is basically divided into groups of long and short movies. The first category is concerned with films of Jewish story themes and characters. They are focused on history, society, culture and life style of Jews. The second group is for short movies and documentaries. This category forms the final category in any movie function.

Submission of movies at the film festival:
Most movie festivals accept entries that have Jewish themes and issues. Movie entries are supposed to discuss and highlight heritage, culture and history f Jews. The organizing committee of a Jewish movie festival turns back an entry that doesn’t move around Jewish culture or background. It is not necessary that such movies should compulsorily have Jewish actors, producers or directors. Movie entries that effectively highlight Jewish history and issues inform and inspire festival viewers well. Such art creations are taken for nomination of important awards.
Acceptance of Jewish background movies from foreign nations:
As already discussed, it’s not compulsory that an entry should have a group of Jewish artists, director or producer. The LA Jewish Film Festival readily accepts movie entries from U.S and other international destinations. Film entries should be English or must have English subtitles. They should be submitted at the festival with a complete and formally signed entry form. The submitted materials related to Jewish movies are not returned unless requested. The movies are not displayed in front of audiences. They are judged by movie critics. Whenever these Jewish films are nominated for any significant award, their directors are intimated six weeks before the event.

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