Jewel Quest Expeditions: The Game - A Jewel Matching Adventure

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Jewel Quest Expeditions is a puzzle adventure through Africa sure to captivate your senses and imagination with each turn. Being a Jewel matching game, Jewel Quest has unfolded the adventures of Jewel Quest's hero, archaeologist Rupert Peck, as his latest exploration takes you deep into the wild jungles of Africa.

In this popular jewel matching adventure, each new expedition and puzzle takes on a different form changing the playing fields' shape and size. To earn precious bonus points players have to beat the continuous ticking of the timed clock. In this game, the task is to group three or more of the same gem or treasure by swapping one's position left, right, up or down. Only treasures that have a match can be shifted positions, restricting player's available moves on the playfield.

The twist in Jewel Quest is that players can only move on if they've activated a combo in every single sector of the puzzle. When every square of the board is lit up, they've won the puzzle and hopefully, some bonus points are awarded for the time left over on the clock. Other additions include a coin system where players are rewarded with a free treasure removal if they match three coins in a row. Some of the features or bonuses of this game are 180 unique jewel boards, 8-player wireless competition mode, upbeat tribal soundtrack, Intuitive gameplay and many more.

In an Overall aspect, Jewel Quest Expeditions takes a sharp blow in bringing classic adventure to the DS puzzle genre and makes it as a fairly decent brain-teasing game.

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