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Of the many beautiful faces in Hollywood, few have struck as loud a note in the past few years as Jessica Alba. The young actress brings a fresh new look that's excited fans and turned her from a television star into a leading lady in films. Jessica is a Taurus, born April 28, 1981, with the Sun in this Venus-ruled sign that reflects her easygoing nature and exotic good looks. Some members of this sign, though, are content to live in a safe world of routine and comfort, which is not the case for Jessica.

She has the athletic and physical planet Mars next to her Sun, giving her an energetic boost that fits the action-oriented roles she plays so well. The prominent position of this warrior planet in her chart means that she's no pushover. Taureans often have an understated strength and instinctively resist pressure from others. But Jessica's powerful Mars makes her an especially strong member of her sign who may be able to kick butt in real life as well as she does onscreen.

Jessica's Moon in friendly but unconventional Aquarius is another reason that she's no stodgy Taurus. The Moon represents a person's needs and habits, and Aquarius is among the most original signs in the zodiac. The Moon here is often associated with innovators who don't follow the same patterns as most people. It brings freshness to Jessica's personality that counters Taurus' more down-to-earth approach to life. Aquarius is often friendly, but doesn't like to get sloppy or sentimental. There's a need for emotional freedom that won't stop Jessica from making commitments as long as she doesn't feel controlled by a partner. Her strong will enables her to retain a strong center and sense of self no matter who she is with.

If Jessica disagrees with someone, though, she's likely to express her differences in a calm and controlled manner. She has communicative Mercury in Taurus right next to Venus, the planet of peace and beauty. A Venus-Mercury conjunction combines intellect with grace, which is excellent for a creative person. But it's also common in the charts of those who express themselves with kindness, which makes it more difficult to show anger openly. This might hold her back professionally, as demonstrating passion is vital for being a successful actress. Jessica, in fact, has the developmental Lunar North Node in dramatic Leo, showing that her path to fulfillment includes a move away from being cool and detached to being as intense as she can be. brings you the accurate predictions about your future prepared by world renowned Astrology expert Dr. Dharam Singh Jain, based upon your Horoscope. Also find your detailed Match Making Reports to assess your compatibility with your parter.

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