Japanese Chiyogami Paper

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Decorative paper has a wide variety of uses like card making, scrapbooking, crafts, decorations and more. There are thousands of different types of paper from around the world that range from very high quality, and usually more expensive, to the mass produced papers that cost a lot less.

For simple crafts and decorations, the mass produced and cheaper papers are great, but they also lack in uniqueness and style.

Sometimes finding the right paper for your project can actually be very difficult when considering quality and price. One of the best paper choices for any project would be Japanese washi, and more specifically Japanese Chiyogami paper.

Chiyogami dates back hundreds of years in Japan. It is known for its high quality, versatility and beauty for any project and use. There are a few types of chiyogami available today, some made by hand just like the ancient artisans used to make and even machine made ones that keep the beauty, but also lowers the cost.

Japanese chiyogami paper is made of several different types of natural plants and fibres, hand pressed and also hand printed in an array of colours and patterns, both traditional and modern. This gives anyone a wide selection to match any project, occasion and décor.

Very light weight and strong, it can be folded, sewn and even used to cover awkward shapes while wet. That kind of versatility is very difficult to find in a stunning paper that looks like it should be framed and shown off by itself.

The range of products that can be made using chiyogami is endless. Most use it for common paper projects like scrapbooking, book covering, handmade cards and origami. There have even been some artisans that create beautiful accessories and even clothing items like dresses, by sewing the paper as though it was fabric. Feeling light as a feather, it may not seem like it, but it truly is a durable paper.

The next time you have a paper project in mind, try Japanese chiyogami paper and you will see and feel the difference. The cost is very similar to most decorative papers, but the great benefits are truly worth it.

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