Jan M. Berkowitz Addresses Concerns of Potable Water Sources after Disaster in Japan

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(1888PressRelease) Jan Michael Berkowitz has been promoting protection of our water for over two decades through his work in the clean energy field and hopes that although the current Tokyo situation serves as a tragic reminder, it is nonetheless, proof that water sources are very delicate and we must do all that we can to protect them.

New York, NY - Jan M. Berkowitz, a leader in clean energy for over 25 years, is reaching out to address concerns over potable drinking water in Japan after today's warnings from Tokyo officials that radioactive iodine currently exceed legal limits.

According to Tokyo officials, infants should not drink city tap water because radioactive iodine exceeded legal limits at one purification facility due to the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. As Jan Michael Berkowitz explains, potable water is a major concern for the entire world and this warning from Tokyo is an extreme reminder of the importance of water in our everyday lives.

Jan M. Berkowitz has experienced first-hand, green technology that works, saves money, and helps to protect our environment. Renewable energy resources and techniques such as in-situ coal gasification and underground coal gasification are two ways that Jan M Berkowitz has worked to help protect our precious water supply.

Underground coal gasification and In-situ coal gasification benefit our water supply as they do not require an external water source to operate. This is a major environmental advantage over water-intensive coal mining operations and pulverized-coal-fired energy production methods, explains Jan Michael Berkowitz. Gasification provides a clean, flexible and reliable way of turning fossil fuels into clean energy. Traditional combustion technology creates air pollution and utilizes a lot of water in the process.

As the obvious threat to drinking water becomes more apparent given the current situation in Japan, Jan M. Berkowitz will work even harder to promote green technology and less contamination of our planet and its vital resources.

About Jan Michael Berkowitz

Jan Michael Berkowitz, a leader in clean energy for over 25 years, offers design and implementation of new energy products. Jan M. Berkowitz provides knowledgeable and strategic insight into the clean energy market to a variety of companies. Jan Michael Berkowitz understands that clean and renewable energy is important to both our environment and to a company's bottom line. Jan M. Berkowitz provides clients the necessary information needed to identify custom solutions to weak areas within their business environment and effectively implement and embrace clean energy technology.



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