James Cameron's Avatar Movie 2009 - Going to be a hit?

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The movie on many people's to-see list this year is James Cameron's Avatar. The Avatar 2009 movie looks like it is going to be a smash hit and fans are already lining up in droves to see the film. Many believe that this film is based on the popular Nickelodeon series Avatar, but it is not. James Cameron's script for Avatar was written long before the Nickelodeon version existed.

Whats the premise? Well, a disabled Marine named Jake travels to a distant moon called Pandora where the land is inhabited by creatures called Na'vi who live in harmony with the land and nature there. They are ten feet tall with sparkly blue skin and are very peaceful unless disturbed when they can be ferocious warriors.

Well, human beings end up not being able to breath the air on the Pandora, which is a moon orbiting a gas giant, so human/navi hybrids are genetically engineered, which basically are a navi body controlled by a human mind through a mental link, this is what is called the "avatar". For example, in an online forum an avatar is the little 100 pixel that represents your user... in this movie the avatar is a navi/human hybrid body instead of a little picture, but it represents and is controlled by a human mind.

Without giving away too many spoilers, humans end up trying to plunder the land for resources and the ferocity of the warriors of Pandora is revealed. Jake, the main character, who was once crippled, is now able to move about and walk fully again through his avatar. While he is supposed to be fighting for the human cause, a beautiful navi female catches his attention and throws a wrench into the equation.

Many people are extremely excited to see the Avatar 2009 movie directed by James Cameron. There is no doubt that this should be an excellent blockbuster. What do you think? Will James Cameron's Avatar be as big as the hype says? Vote in this quick movie survey and you can get a $250 visa card or movie card so you can either go on a shopping spree or bring all your friends to see Avatar! Vote by going to this Avatar 2009 movie website

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