I've been watching the area for almost 30 years now, and it is clear that it really is finally

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I've been watching the area for almost 30 years now, and it is clear that it really is finally starting to happen and at a much faster pace too - and the space I'm talking about is the convergence of the technology market. Convergence means "Coming Together" and the technologies to meet ever-increasing pace of change, computers, telephone and television. It was decades ago that the comic strip hero Dick Tracy, small TV built into his wrist-watch it - and in 2010 you can be a real product with GPS as part of the feature set. And in the past two years, the advent of the smartphone do the rapid build-up in what can be done and the three market heavyweights are Blackberry, Apple iPhone and Google Android. Well, I think there is another large group of independent authors under the general heading of the Chinese clones that tend to feature set of the big brands to copy.

The leader at the moment in terms of volume sales is the Android smartphone operating system from Google and is the leader in sales because of the price, and what is generally referred to as "cool Android apps", which means that the massive number of both free and paid applications you can download, install and run on the phone is solid with a capital-M. People who are emotionally driven creatures, the money always find what they want, and so Apple has done well with their iPhone's market penetration despite the extremely high price tag. But a small fraction of the price, and the phenomenon of the "cool android apps driving sales, Android seems like the clear winner and no doubt share the great variety of games is a big part of those applications that drive market acceptance. Check my resource box for such a website that much information about the Android applications, many of which are free.

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