It's Time For A DVD Holiday Family Laugh

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When the holidays come around it's a time for family get together, have a great meal, and then chat about what's been going on. Inevitably, before long someone will say something that will disagree with someone else and a heated discussion is underway. If it's a discussion of the personal sort chances are various family members will take sides and before you know it you may have a full out brawl.

So, how do you stop this from happening? Try changing the focus of their attention to something other than the discussions with one another.

For many families there was a tradition of watching a holiday classic together on Christmas Day. But what if you don't want to watch the same movie, like miracle on 34th Street, again and again with the whole family? Your DVD collection needs to be refreshed with some new fun Christmas movies.

Once you're stuffed with Turkey after Christmas dinner, it's time to put on any one of these movies that will get the whole family to enjoy a little after together. After all, it's hard to keep fighting if you're bent over laughing at a comedy.

The DVD Christmas Special Of Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Tip off the holidays while the crew at Paddy's Pub embarks on a crazy Christmas journey. What happens if you take all of the characters you know from paddies of in its always sunny in Philadelphia and put them on a Christmas mission... you get the Always Sunny Christmas DVD special. Not surprisingly, they completely alter Christmas, as you know it. Instead this story is colored with everything from clothing-free elves to stolen toys as we watch the cast try to get to the real meaning of Christmas happiness in their own comedic way.

Jeff Dunham Holiday Very Special Christmas DVD

Jeff's Puppets are ready to celebrate Christmas in their own special way. Are you the kind of person who is always dialed in when it comes time to see Jose Jalapeno, Walter, Peanut and the rest of Jeff's menagerie? Now you can get excited to see them in a whole new light, Christmas light, as they take on the holiday. You may want to worry now about things that are on the DVD like the Roadkill Christmas Music Video and Walter as Santa Claus.

Four Christmases Holiday Special

Your dysfunctional happy may be able to look better. Your family may have nothing on the craziness that happens when Brad and Kate head to his fathers house to spend the holiday season in Four Christmases. It's the perfect 'what could go wrong' during a family gathering movie that may have you looking a lot more appreciatively at the people around you. You may be able to appreciate that you are not the only family that has these issues.

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