It's Simple As 123 To Install Solar Panels For Your Home Or RV.

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Who isn't being hit by the global recession quite hard today, and with the cost of fossil fuel skyrocketing many people are now looking for alternative energy for their home or RV. A solar diy project is the perfect thing to do..

This is where renewable energy comes in. The time has come for alternative energy such as wind power, water, solar energy and geothermal power that keeps on replenishing itself continuously for years and years. Not only are these energy sources free (the only cost involved is in the technology to set it up), but there are no green house gas emissions either.

The sun is by far the most significant source of free energy for your home or RV and can be utilized by either solar thermal collectors or photovoltaic technology.

Solar thermal collectors work by absorbing solar energy i.e. the sun rays, and converting them into heat energy. Water then circulates through coils in the thermal collectors and is then stored in tanks much like your traditional hot water system, without the use of expensive electricity.

There are a number of alternative solar collectors on the market, it really depends on your purpose and what you want to get out of the free energy home system. This includes unglazed panels and flat plate water collectors.

People install unglazed panels usually for swimming pool heating. This is because it is not so important to keep the heat in and the cold air out it is only necessary to increase the temperature by a few degrees above the air temperature. Remember that flat lake water collectors are different.

They are typically used for water heating in your home and because of this, it is significant that you have either single or double-glazing on the panel.

Just for your information there are other solar thermal collectors of that are not as common as that don't need to be described in detail here such as flat plate air collectors and evacuated to collectors. There are many books and periodicals that you can read that actually give you advice and instructions on how to make solar panels such as these.

The next most common application of solar energy for free energy home is photovoltaic cells, just like those used in calculators. Light is converted into electricity in a semiconductor much like a computer chip. The good news is that the technology is constantly improving and the market is growing rapidly as we speak.

These cells provide electricity and heat homes and businesses. Perhaps you can imagine in the near future with other alternative power sources such as photovoltaic cells, wind energy can provide adequate alternative energy and therefore remove once and for all the need of fossil fuel sources.

The one disadvantage of solar energy is that the sun does not shine 24 hours a day for free energy. So some folks like to incorporate wind turbines to cover those off days. The technology that exists now does to account for this and therefore more research needs to be done to find ways of storing energy during the day so that we can use solar energy as a full energy source, so fossil fuels are not required at all and we can have a green, clean and free environment.

It's quite simple to make use of alternative energy for your home whether you are preestablished or you are building a new home. Solar heating systems are easy to build and use standard building materials. However, if you do move into a new house, look for one that makes the most of solar power and solar power technologies. Find a house that has lots of windows in order to keep the sunshine in during winter.

Now that you have the information on how to start a solar diy project. Some people also look into how to make wind generator, because they like to get the best of both worlds. Get your free ebook today.

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