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You’re probably looking at the title with skepticism and wondering how is everything in this world sales? That can’t be right! Bear with me a minute while I explain. Think about the decisions we make every day and our reasons for doing what we do.

Someone sold you an idea and you acted on it. Sometimes they’re based on ideas and beliefs that we “sell” ourselves. Whether it’s to avoid pain or pursue pleasure, every choice we have made was based on a sale.

Our culture sells us the idea that we need Cash, Car, Condos, Credit Cards and Careers to be successful. Our parents sell us that we need to find good, reputable, stable jobs, save money, and take care of them when they retire. You had to “sell yourself” to your boss to get that job.

You had to sell yourself to your girlfriend or boyfriend that you would be a great partner. Physical attraction only takes you so far – to “close the deal” you need to first make “cold calls,” pursue your “prospect,” provide incentives and bonuses, and then present an “irresistible offer.”

You may laugh, but the truth remains: Everything is sales.

A lot of people say they hate selling, or they dislike people who sell to them, or it’s not their department. I can assure you, those same people are neither rich nor successful. In fact, they just sold themselves on the idea that they can’t sell.

The sooner you realize that sales is part of who we are and an essential skill not just for business but our lives as well, the sooner you will find yourself on the path to being truly happy and successful. Guess you’d better start learning how to get good at it.

Embrace It
As with everything else, it all starts with your mindset. You have to choose to embrace the concept of selling instead of resisting it. Selling is not about helping yourself, it’s about finding the best way to deliver value to the world. If you believe that your content, product or service has the power to change lives, then it’s your responsibility to get it out there to as many people as possible. This one decision could change your life. You’ll not only be more successful and make more money, but you’ll be helping a lot more people.

Give More Value
You know that old saying “under-promise but over-deliver.” That’s a horrible value to live by. That’s what gives sales people a bad name! Or even worse, “over-promising and under-delivering.” That’s preposterous! If you ever want to be truly successful in life you’ve got to believe in adding more value. It doesn’t matter if it’s your job, or your relationships, or your business, you have to constantly think about how you can add more value to the people around you. The ones who win are they who prove invaluable to their boss, their customers, and the people they care about.

If you haven’t sold yourself on how important you are or the product and service you’re delivering, you’ve already lost the sale before you’ve even started. Sales is something that you can master – that you MUST master. You have the ability, you just need to get better and better at it. You simply need the right tools and strategies that will take you further in your business, career, and relationships. Quit struggling. Start believing in yourself. Find the people who will mentor you in this all-important skill. Then keep at it and watch your income skyrocket.

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