It Takes a Special Effort for Oil Spills Clean Up to be Done Right

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Cleaning up oil from a spill is a long, precarious task that takes lots of skill, hard work and requires the right tools. If not done right, the water and beaches could become saturated with oil that will poison wildlife and ruin the beaches as well as the surrounding environment. The first thin you need for oil spills clean up is skilled workers. These people need to have an understanding of how an oil spill can be cleaned up without harming the environment or starting a fire. Also, they should have knowledge of the waterways, currents and the weather so they can better determine which way the oil spill will flow. These workers should also have the right tools on hand. Oil spill kits containing items such as gloves, safety glasses, drums, suits, and agents to transform the oil into a solid are helpful tools of the trade for oil spills clean up. Enviro Armour™ is one agent that is extremely helpful for oil cleanup. It will turn the oil into a solid immediately upon contact. The agent encapsulates the oil by transforming it into a solid that will float on water. However, it will not absorb the water, just the hydrocarbon spill. Also, it will not ignite any oil on water, thereby preventing a fire hazard and a more disastrous event.

Once the oil is turned into a solid, it can be cleaned up easier. When oil is in its liquid form, it infiltrates everything it touches. If this happens to a beach, like in Prince William Sound after the Exxon Valdez disaster in 1989, then the oil spill clean up effort could go on for years and still never get it all out. In the meantime, wildlife suffers as do business owners who need people to visit the beaches in order to survive economically. Enviro Armour™ can prevent this from happening. Also, if you place the agent within HESCO® Concertainer® units they can meet the oil before it even reaches the beaches. The units are made of geotextile material and once they are filled with sand or earth, they will form a wall of protection around the beaches and oil spills and natural disasters like hurricanes will not harm them as they would have in the past.

Sterling Building Specialists are masters at oil spills clean up and are leading suppliers of the HESCO® units as well as Enviro Armour™. Contact them today if you need help with oil spills clean up or prevention against beach erosion. For more information, log on to

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