Isatellitelink Reviews - Is This A Scam?

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Most people today have Cable or Satellite for their TV. When you choose a Cable or Satellite Service they offer various packages to choose from and the more you choose the higher your monthly bill. Because their packages ore "bundled" you now have to also pay for the channels you will never watch! I totaled up my cable bill for the past 12 months and we are paying over $1600 a year and I would estimate that 75% is paying for channels we never watch. This is a real sore spot for me as well as many others I am sure so I decided to "Fire" my Cable Company.

Once again, thank goodness for websites and search engines. I just knew there had to be something out there with todayís technology that would allow us the freedom to watch what we wanted and not pay for the garbage that we did not want. I do not like to think of myself as being cheap (although my husband says he can hear a buffalo bellow every time a nickel passes my hands) but rather an economist and a buck saved is a buck earned.

I came across Isatellitelink. You can watch over 3600 channels worldwide without cable, cable boxes or satellite dishes. Their state of the art technology allows you to watch live TV on your PC and will pick up local channels within seconds.

Isatellitelink features on their software can be used from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet connection. Isatellitelink is a sister company to Movies Capital which is rated number one in this industry for legal full movie downloads and for a limited time will give you a Free Gold Membership to Movies Capital for a one time low payment. All the reviews that I read were all positive and most of the people that bought the package had dropped their satellite or cable provider. Some even canceled their memberships that provide movies through the mail and with video stores as they now get everything they want or need from one place. If this service was a scam there would not be so many great reviews. It is not often you can get 2 memberships for the price of 1 and is definitely an offer to jump on before itís taken down. This is a limited time offer so CLICK HERE to get more information.

If you read my review on Movies Capital you know that my husband is a movie fanatic. He bought the package two months ago and has been very pleased with it. My husband is an Audio, Video Engineer and Consultant and travels a lot. Now when he leaves town he will download several movies to his laptop and watches local TV channels with Isatellitelink and no longer depends on Hotel TV channels. He states the quality of the movies and the Audio have always been very sharp and clear and the best he has seen for online downloads. I give this a Two Thumbs Up!

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