Is Your Website Mobile User Friendly

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Did you know that there are about 5 times more mobile devices than there are computers? Googleís Android activations are more than 400,000 every day. The sites that you view on your computer screen are also available on your mobile screen. But truth be told, the quality in most sites is ghastly. Either, the print and pictures are tiny or the site is impossible to navigate. For businesses to succeed itís important for them to be where the customer is. Given the fact that a majority of mobile users, spend considerable time surfing the web, it only makes sense that they concentrate on making their website mobile friendly. In fact, there are plenty of studies to prove that conversion rates are higher on mobile devices.

Mobile technology has undergone a sea change over the last few years. From being able to view texts to pictures and now browsers that can display text, images and video, mobile phone users today have access to cutting edge technology. In fact unlike other technological innovations, mobile phones have constantly evolved to accommodate browsers rather than the other way round. Websites that arenít willing to wake up and smell the coffee are sure to be perished in anonymity.

The problem with limited speed even with 3G connectivity is solved with the use of mobile broadband, thus allowing users to surf the web wherever they go..

But just making sure that mobile browsers can display content of a website isnít enough. The problem is that most websites are designed for a larger screen and users using it on a mobile device have to zoom and scroll around a lot. Websites that are designed to be mobile friendly have to be tweaked to make it appealing. Itís a general known fact smart phone users generally like to do something than merely read and browse. Ecommerce websites looking to drive sales need to be designed so as to force the user to take some action.

The challenge does not end with easy navigation and sleek design. Itís also important to tweak content according to priority. As earlier said, surfers who use the mobile web do not usually do so to read for detailed information. They are usually looking for precise information. Theyíd rather browse through their desktop website rather than the mobile web. Load too much of information and you are likely to lose them.

With Tablets like iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab taking center stage, it only makes sense to understand the importance of mobile friendly sites.

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