Is there hope for employment in Liverpool

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Jobs in Liverpool... The scenario in the city doesn't look too healthy at this moment, Liverpool has taken quite a hammering from the ravages of the continual credit crunch and the parliamentary cuts that has affected not only the jobs situation in Liverpool but businesses and families from coast to coast.

The sole traders and self employed are one of the communities affected the worst and the building and construction related industries have suffered significantly, because of the recession. Self-employed plumbers, joiners and builders to list a few are struggling to make a living. Many of my associates used to make a reasonable profit working in the building game but now are racking there brains for other profitable ideas. A few have become private hire taxi drivers to earn enough money to support themselves and there families, but this is no easy option. The private hire taxi driver has to work long and unsociable hours in order to make any money.

A few of my associates and people I have talked to have been thinking about retraining but are unsure what type of course to apply for and in what type of area to retrain in. You have to ask your self what is the purpose of retraining as a gas fitter or a bricklayer when there is very little work out there for this type of trade at present? A bit of a difficult choice to make and a bit of hit and miss affair, if you pick the right course then you will definitely be in with a chance of getting a good job. But on the other side of the coin If you choose a job sector where there are no job vacancies, then your time and efforts retraining could be wasted.

So what is the future, no one really knows for sure our government is claiming things are on the up but nothing is changing for the people who have been affected. Riding out the economic blizzard and waiting for the recession to slow down. In theses time of economic hard ship one has to be resourceful and use your initiative to survive, any ideas or opportunities that come your way should be taken especially if you are not working and have a home to support and a family to feed. The work that dose come your way may not be your ideal job choice but at the present you should be looking at any ways possible to earn a living. The credit crunch will not last for eternity even though it feels like it at the present…

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