Is there a need to update a phones operating system?

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Windows Phone 7 update has been a nightmare after problems began when the update were released early this week. Most affected were smartphones running Windows Phone 7 bearing in mind both were designed to improve the updating process. Unlike a computer network, phone owners do not have computer technicians to undo the damage of a faulty update, so in reality the OS should be locked, especially from its Manufacturer. If there is a problem the Manufacturer should provide a reset switch and like ipad or iphone run everything through an app which is not part of the kernal.

However, according to Jason Roberts of MOCE it has instead caused crashes and made his Samsung unusable. He is among those who reported that their vital information was deleted. The update failure doesn't mean that the phone became unusable, it crashed and you have to restart it and then it works. The software is designed to take a backup in case it fails so you can restore. Microsoft had in the meantime withdrew the update process in response to users’ complaints and said it will release a new version soonest. The glitch is a blow to Microsoft's hopes that Windows Phone 7 will catch up with Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating systems. The market leaders have each developed a smooth update cycle process that builds on their software's features and allow them to support more sophisticated apps.

Microsoft identified a technical issue with the Windows Phone update process that impacts a small number of phones. Therefore, Microsoft temporarily took down the latest software update for Samsung phones in order to correct the issue and as soon as possible it will redistribute the update. Microsoft also told those whose smartphone has been "bricked" to return it to their retailer. Windows Phone 7 was well received as a massive improvement on Microsoft's previous smartphone operating system. Unfortunately, the latest setback on its first update has caused major inconvenience for many users and that will be music to the ears of the competitor. Having worked with mobile phone development for several years now, something like this should never have been allowed to happen in the first place.

Even if Windows Phone is running on different manufacturers models, nothing should have been updated without first running lots of tests on all models. After all the manufacturers pay enough license fees to Microsoft to expect things to be done right. Does this mean Microsoft boys haven't yet realized that mobiles cannot fit in their old PC business model? This is a problem that Apple users like me will never encounter. This is because Apple controls both the hardware and the software. The downside of this is that the user has no choice of hardware you must take what Apple gives you. With Windows phone 7 and Android you have a choice of dozens, soon hundreds, of different handsets from dozens even hundreds of manufacturers. The choice will cause minor technical problems from time to time.

However we should not forget that Windows phone has all contacts & emails automatically backed up in the cloud so as soon as you get a new phone you get everything back, including all the applications one had and people will get 100% support, if your phone is not working you can take it back. If we talk about Android this is where the joke starts, there are updates released 6 to 12 months ago that still haven't reached most of the handsets. Update of software on Android means you have to buy a brand new phone. I hope this will not become an issue to manufacturers. Even with windows 7 an update will stop some hardware working. Which is why you can roll them back. Samsung would have provided Microsoft with all its drivers or its phones bar the ones Windows Phone 7 was initially tested on would not have worked.

Apparently, I realized this afternoon with my windows phone that the fix is to remove the battery and restart your phone, something that Android users are fully accustomed to when their mobile runs out of memory. As for updates for Androids, especially Samsung they don't get them 6 months to a year after the update was issued. This is the first update and some teething problems can be expected. I will be looking forward to the next updates in the coming months that will take Windows Phone 7 away from the competition. But I wonder if there is anything important with upgrading operating systems.

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