Is There a Cure for Freckles?

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Freckles can be a pesky problem for fair skinned people. Redheads especially seem prone to freckles from childhood. Many people who are afflicted by over-freckling of the skin are self-conscious of it, thinking it detracts from their appearance.

Freckles are the skins' natural defence system against the harmful effects of ultra-violet rays of the sun. Many fair skinned people don't have enough melanin to produce a darkened skin tone when exposed to the sun, and instead get little brown or red spots, also known as freckles.

While childhood freckles will most likely last a lifetime, the appearance and darkness of freckles will often be greatly reduced by the time the child reaches adulthood, provided they are careful in the sun.

The number one factor in reducing the appearance of freckles is protecting your skin from the sun. Even in winter, the sun's ultra-violet rays can cause freckles to appear. Therefore, it's critical that fair-skinned faces have a good sunscreen or sunblock regime.

Remembering your sunblock, even in the winter months can be as simple as using a moisturizer that contains sunscreen. An SPF factor of 15 or higher is recommended depending on your skin tone and how easily you freckle. Many women use foundation or other cosmetics that also contain sunscreen. Not only does sunscreen prevent freckles, but it also aids in preventing wrinkles.

If freckles have already appeared, you can reduce their visibility with the use of some homemade remedies. Lemon juice or other citric acids have a reputation for lightening the appearance of freckles. Rubbing eggplant on the affected area can also reduce the look of freckles. Natural face peels, such as the lactic acid found in milk can help peel away the darkened areas of skin.

In addition to using sunscreen, you should make sure you are getting your daily dosage of vitamin C from apples, oranges and other foods.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for freckles. It's the body's natural way of protecting you. The next time you see those freckles start to appear on the bridge of your nose, take it as a cue to put on a hat or stay out of the sun.

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