Is Noni Juice Really Beneficial?

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Migraine is not just an ordinary headache problem. This can be quite debilitating to the sufferers. The severity of the attack can cripple a person. In fact, most of the migraine sufferers I know will have to get absent from work to rest and recuperate.

Determining the cause of migraine is difficult. In fact, experts also do not know what triggers the attack and how often this is going to occur. The severity and duration is a case to case basis.

Although there are pharmacological treatments that can help reduce the pain, none of them seem to really reduce the frequency of the attacks. But lately, an herbal remedy called Noni has been sparking controversies.

What Exactly Is Noni?

This is actually a small plant that resembles a small evergreen shrub. It can grow to a maximum of six meters. Just like most shrubs, it has elliptical leaves and small flowers. It can grow fruits as well. Most parts of Noni plant are quite useful. Many herbal medical practitioners use its stem, roots, flowers, fruits and leaves to create herbal concoctions.

Why Is It Beneficial?

This is actually one of the most abundant sources of phytochemicals. It contains several kinds of phytochemcials including Rutin, Ursolic acid, Caproic acid and Damnacanthal. Since antiquity, its health benefits have been recognized. The use of this plant as an herbal remedy has been discovered some 2000 years ago.

People suffering from migraine can attest to the fact that this plant can actually lessen the severity, duration and frequency of migraine attacks. This makes migraine a lot more bearable.

In addition to that, this plant also prevents other illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, common colds, depression, high blood pressure and skin infection. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the pain felt by arthritis suffers.

Perhaps it is because of its anti-inflammatory properties that make this treatment very effective in treating severe headaches. However, before taking this, you should know first how it is going to interact with any pharmacologic drugs you are currently taking. It seems to be harmless when taken singularly. But pharmacological drugs for depression might interact adversely with the phytochemicals in it.

If you are not worrying about chemical interaction or you are not under medications right now, try including Noni fruit in your diet. You can also drink the juice daily for better results. Only through daily intake can you really see remarkable benefits.


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