Is mobile media a potent ad medium for the future?

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Mobile phones are the core of human communication these days. Mobile Phones have so far emerged as the most personalized and the most reachable communication device for any individual. Gone are the days of fixed landline phones, it’s a mobile world today. Innumerable mobile brands are present in the market catering to the varied need of customers from all walks of life. Be it for business or personal use, a mobile phone is indeed a must have for every individual in today’s time. Mobile market is becoming much more influential on the potential customers these days than television media. Infact, statistics speak that numbers of mobile phones have outweigh television sets in the market.

For an advertiser, mobile phone is an advantageous medium of brand advertising. Advertising through mobile phones such as Mobile SMS Advertising orSMS mobile advertising is one of the latest trends of brand promotion amongst advertisers. Numerous numbers of Mobile Advertisers make their presence in the market providing personalized brand promotion solutions through mobile media. Bulk SMS campaign is the most widely used method of promotion by mobile advertisers. Bulk Email is another widely used method of promotion however through online media. Both these promotion practices are implemented through an Adserver India.

Mobile advertising is advantageous for any business firm- large or small. The mobile ads are seen by billions of people through a personalized media. The mobile advertisers are capable of providing a convenient and operative mode to reach out to target customers at one go. Moreover, mobile ads are cost effective means to communicate the brand message to target customers and these ads are not missed by customers since they reach them through a personal medium.

Mobile web banner ads, wap applications, bulk SMS, games etc. are some commonly adopted means of advertising through mobile media. The launch of iPhone and Android Phones have also popularized mobile as a more effective means of brand communication. One can instantly download a free application through these latest phones. Advertisers can avail of this chance to communicate their brand messages.

The upsurge of mobile advertising practices is yet to increase with the launch of many more mobile phone brands in the market and also with the increase in the number of service providers. Advertisers who want to adopt this advertising media can start devising their promotion campaigns to be launched through this channel. Offering complete reachability, easy accessibility and cost effectiveness to advertisers, mobile advertising is poised to be one of the in-demand future mediums of brand promotion.

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