Is make-up vanity making a comeback?

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The makeup vanity - something once associated with our Grandma's and the Victorian ages, is now making one hell of a comeback. No longer frail looking and quaint, there are now new designs of makeup vanity that are bound to meet every household requirement, match any décor and create and look that you want for a room.

One of the reasons why the makeup vanity is fast making a comeback is because houses simply do not have enough bathrooms to accommodate everyone in the house. Picture the scene - you are trying to get ready for work in the morning; putting your makeup on, fixing your hair, brushing your teeth etc. Then the husband walks in, needing to use the toilet, your kids bound in wanting to use the shower and even the dog pops into see what all of the commotion is about. This is not only a very frustrating scene but also one that is becoming increasingly common in most households. This is where the makeup vanity comes in. Small in shape, perfect for keeping all of your makeup and hair knick-knacks and functional with the mirror and lighting, this can be popped into the corner of your bedroom providing welcome relief from toilet traffic as well as a little bit of peace and quiet to get ready for your day.

Most households simply do not have the funds available to be able to afford to install a double vanity in the bathroom and the ones that can be fitted into the bedroom are also fairly expensive. These portable pieces of furniture can be bought for very cheap and even found second hand or antique if that is the look or budget that you are going for. Popping the makeup vanity in the corner of your bedroom gives everyone that little bit more space that they need - you can get ready at the makeup vanity with the vanity mirror and even vanity lighting to give you a helping hand. The rest of the family can fight for the bathroom amongst themselves!

For a place to center yourself, to have a little bit of time alone and to basically get ready for the day ahead, the makeup vanity could be like a gift sent from heaven and it is perhaps for this reason why it has come back from the dark ages into our modern day lives to complete our bedroom décor.

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