Is Magnetic Sponsoring By Mike Dillard The Best Way For All Venues?

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What Is The Make Break Point Of Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring?

A notably successful network marketer by the name of Mike Dillard wrote the book Magnetic Sponsoring.

As Mike explains he initially wrote Magnetic Sponsoring with the intention of helping his own MLM down-line to produce better results in their network marketing businesses.

After observing that the content of Magnetic Sponsoring book actually produced results in his own team, he began selling it as an income product, to other network marketers in need of help in their MLM business.

While it is not my intention here to rehash all the concepts in Magnetic Sponsoring, as you can get the book and read it yourself if you your interested, there are a few concepts that I wanted to go over, and some observations about how this applies to marketing you business, and also to current trends in the industry that I wanted to comment on.

Essentially, Magnetic Sponsoring is founded upon the idea that one can exhibit certain characteristics which will then draw prospects to him or her, rather than chasing after leads.

In Magnetic Sponsoring Mike Dillard talks about 2 main types of personalities- the Beta and the Alpha. The Alpha being a more dominant and strong type of personality, and the Beta being more of a follower, or weak type of personality.

Mike Dillard gives forth with the idea that a person who is Alpha, or who can decide to become Alpha, will attract prospect to himself, or herself, and thus become more Magnetic.

This could be taken as a sort of reverse psychology if you will. They will want to join you because they perceive that you couldn't care less whether they do or not.

On the flip-side, the more you chase and show anxiousness and need about their joining your group, the less they will be likely to join.This Magnetic Sponsoring concept has soaked it's way into various systems sometimes being the basis for the entire lead generation and funnel system. MLM Lead System Pro is a good example of this.

The entire system is designed to brand you as a leader and thus create an Attractive character and make you 'magnetic'.

One of the most important points of Magnetic Sponsoring is the idea that pitching your primary MLM opportunity to a new prospect at the onset is a big 'no-no' as this is a turn-off for people because in essence they are not interested in your opportunity.

Part of the reason for this is because the philosophy directs that your market is network marketers and those who are looking to become network marketers. This takes a lot of work out of the mix as you then are not in a position of trying to combat a prospects mental condition to pull them from a JOB mentality over into an entrepreneurial mentality.

This means that almost everyone you are prospecting is already in their own MLM opportunity.. So to begin by presenting them your primary MLM opportunity is a big turn off because they are interested in building their opportunity, not in being pitched on another.

This creates situation where you can offer them help in building their business and because you are the source of the information they need, they now perceive you as an authority, as a leader.. This positions you so that they may be more likely to join you at a later time because they can now perceive you as a leader.

So you can provide this help in the form of just teaching them something or referring them to someone who is an expert, or sending them to a book,etc.

And you can profit whether any of them join your primary MLM business or not because you receive affiliate commission on the products they buy.

This results in many, many people, especially those who have connected up with MLM lead generation systems like MLM Lead System Pro, and whose accomplishment in the industry are actually non-existent or very small, but they have been reading Mike Dillard's book and listening to the training recordings, and so now they are just sort of pretending that they are a leader and are offering help to those who may be in need.

I find this so interesting because the social media sites have been flooded with "guru's offering help, most of whom have never recruited anyone at all

YouTube is full of videos of people telling you to not follow your upline but to 'brand yourself', and so on.

This can be confusing for a newer marketer looking for help as he now has to sort out what is the truth of who is real. And many times there are so many more people presenting themselves in this Attraction Marketing type style than there are people presenting their primary opportunity, that the one pitching their primary becomes the stand-out..

I dare say that on Facebook, any group you join which is an MLM group will have a wall that is absolutely plastered with Magnetic Sponsoring type pitches. 'Get 20 Leads Per Day Using Facebook', has gotten so common-place that it has become a cliche.

Usually, the person posting this stuff isn't generating 20 leads per day on Facebook, and is just new to the concepts in Magnetic Sponsoring.

And now we are being subjected to hundereds of "How To Get 100 Leads Per Day" ads, instead of just, "This Is The Greatest MLM Comp Plan Ever!" ads.

I'm not so sure the former is better than the latter.

I have a theory that the reason Magnetic Sponsoring works is due to the fact that it is different from the majority of what is being done. In other words, when we are getting 300 pitches each day from people shouting at us to tell us how wonderful and great their new company is, and how phenomenal the comp plan is and all that, and one day a guy comes along through all that noise and all he does is askes you if you need any help in your business, especially if you think this guy does have the knowledge and tools to help you, well, this is a very attractive thing indeed.. Thus, 'Attraction Marketing'.

But when it is the Attraction Marketing style pitches that you are getting 300 of per day, ones like 'How To Get 20 Leads Per Day On Facebook For Free!', then it is these help offers which become the spam and the noise and the guy who is left doing something different, which is now pitching his primary opportunity , is the one who seems to have the different and refreshing approach.

Part of this is simply the fact that the free sites, Linkedin, Myspace, Twitter, etc., and the like, are now swamped with new network marketers who are broke and are trying to pull as much from the free media as possible in terms of leads. .

It is strange because after a group like MLM Lead System Pro puts on a webinar on a particular topic, the next day you are going to get at least 8 or 9 emails from different people all saying nearly the same thing, all making the same offer because they all just listened to the same webinar the night before.

So to summarize, it would seem that this Magnetic Sponsoring approach would be most effective in situations where the approach itself was rare, not in a situation where everyone and their brother, mother and all their cousins are making the same offers..

But when you have 1000 people all giving you the same pitch saying that they can show you how to get 100 leads everyday from Twitter, or whatever the going pitch is, the stand-out is going to the one doing something different, and it could just be, in that situation, that piching his opportunity would be the most effective thing.

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