Is Low Cost iPhone in the Pipeline of Apple Developers?

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There are many benefits that users can derive from their smart phones apart from just making calls, sending texts and clicking the images. These benefits incorporate features ranging from listening music to accessing mobile apps and you can seek many more services from these smart devices. However, a common problem faced by all smart phone freaks is the cost of devices. If we analyze the prices of various smart phones available in the markets, we will observe that this concern is quite justified. The topmost version of fully featured iPhone 5 costs around USD 849. This price tag has given Apple many troubles as this company is facing severe difficulties in retaining its consumers. Apple is expected to expand its market share by launching a cheaper version of iPhone. In this situation, why not the users utilize these efforts of the company in their advantage.

We all know how much concerned Apple is about its number two position after Android. Jointly, Android and Apple rule over the 91 percent of the market but Apple is far behind at just 38 percent while the rest of the market belongs to Android. At the same time, this point is undeniable that both these brands do not deserve to be compared as Apple has iOS, which runs exclusively on Apple products, but Android can be used in a wide range of smart phones from brands like Samsung, Nokia, LG and HTC etc. Apple critics often target this mismatch as they claim that Android is an undisputed leader as it has the potential of running across the market on any smart phone.

I feel that this is the biggest reason behind Apple's market share staying decreased, which is expected to decline further in coming years. Another reason why smart phone buyers stay reluctant from Apple devices is that this company arrogantly refuses to promote its products as low-cost. In a market with stiff competition, most brands have to launch their inexpensive versions and no doubt, to capture the bigger market share, Apple too will have to dip its rate.

According to Apple insiders, this company is also looking for a solution by devising an iPhone for middle class people. Apple has a reputation of building products to target people living on the topmost shelf specifically, ever since its first iPhone arrived in the market. In a meeting, earlier this year, Apple CEO used this term "Cheap iPhone" for the first time in Apple's history. Many industry experts are taking it as a rumour but not all. Expert at Forbes say that they have proofs of Apple, launching a product ranging between USD 250 and USD 350 later this year. A segment of experts that support Apple says that this decision will surely decrease the revenue but will allow the company to capture a greater share of the markets across the world. Another major benefit that this section sees Apple getting is that it will make this compete with Android and with the brand name "Apple"; this competition is going to be interesting.

Rather than ceding huge swaths of smart phone users to Android, I personally feel that this is a very wise decision, if Apple think-tank has something of this kind in their future plans. I am not sure about things will take shape in the future, but at this point of time, all I can say is the Apple and Android will continue to dominate the market and compete fiercely in coming years which would ultimately give benefit to the end users like us.

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