Is Jared Loughner Insane?

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The question is is Jared Loughner Insane? Personally I think heís disturbed and psychotic but I also felt he knew exactly what he was doing when he shot Congress Lady Gabrielle Giffords and the others. Hitler was evil but wasnít insane. My definition of insane means that he had no idea if what he did was right or wrong. I personally felt that he knew exactly what he was doing that day. How much more evidence do you need for this than the fact that he had this entire thing planned out and he had a grudge against this congress woman.

And it looks like his primary mission failed. His true intent was to execute Giffords and it looks like sheíll make some sort of recovery. Whether sheíll have brain damage is yet to be known, but she will survive this incident according to all the doctors out there. And what will happen to Jared. One thing for certain is even though his trial will be held in San Diego, I donít think thatís going to help him out that much. I doubt the jury will rule him insane because if they do, heíll only have to spend time in a psychiatric hospital until people think heís fully recovered. When the establishment gives him a clean bill of mental health if they ever did he would eventually be released back into society. If he ever was I donít think heíd last long out here.

The other options the jury has is to declare him guilty and give him life without parole or the death penalty. Both the Feds and the State have multiple murder beefs with Loughner, so I feel heís screwed either way. And I think blaming this psychopaths actions on the right or the left or Sarah Palin is plain stupid. He acted alone and he knows what he did, now heís gonna have to pay the fiddler and it wonít be anything nice. Jared wonít be too popular among the prison population and any time he serves in jail or prison will have to be in protective custody. This is because killing a 9 year old girl wonít sit will with any of the mainline inmates.

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