Is It Possible For Us To Be Indifferent To All The Ecological Damages?

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Lots of of us who are leading a decent life may be interested in a biological life style but unable to settle on how to go about it. There is a simple suggestion for you; obtain a choice that only the nature friendly goods will be used from the day one onwards. Not only of purchasing nature friendly goods but we will have to find a solution of recycling the possible products too.

When you are purchasing food items from super market just evaluate whether the items are eco friendly, how much destruction might have been caused to the environment of the dolphins when you look for a can of tuna fish. Similarly when you see a fine cotton fabric contemplate on how many chemical residuals might have drained out to the nearby rivers from the huge cotton farms. Surly this will not be any pleasant outcome.

The critical problem is the production of non natural environmentally friendly items. If you look at the commercial farming which is the most important contributor of chemical waste to the local rivers. For a general outlook this may not be posing many problems but it is the major destructive aspect for the eco system.

We feel happy when we picture the rapid growth of the plants due to the presence of genetic factors in them but it is sustainable. The flows of chemical nutrients to the rivers make a strange phenomenon known as algae bloom.

This creates a situation for zero oxygen in the water. This will further result in large scale death of fish and water animals or they progressively drift away creating an imbalance in the eco system. It will be a death blow for fast moving fish like salmon.

The chemicals like bleach causes havoc in the similar manner in the rivers, forests and the earth itself. Once it gets saturated in the rivers and earth, the reclamation would be impossible or will take years. We have to lower this contamination by going for environmentally friendly alternatives.

There is world wide awareness for green products. The creation of dead zones as it is in Gulf of Mexico, has further activated the process of environmentally friendly products by all who are responsible and interested in it. Now most of the companies are going for nature friendly products, by doing this they get ample publicity and increased demand for their products.

After the advent of internet it is relatively easy to order eco friendly items online to be delivered at your home. Go for the green items and help save earth.

Timothy Greensland
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