Is it Free Energy With PV Systems?

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The consumer may question whether or not solar pv (photovoltaic) systems can really offer totally free energy for all their needs. At any given point in time, the sun offers enough energy to fuel the earth for many years to come. As long as the sun shines, the pv system will be able to translate that light to free energy for use in our cars, homes and businesses. This is also a clean energy that produces not gases or fumes in the production of the energy that it supplies.

The basic solar PV system consists of under five sections, the first one has that actual photovoltaic panels. These panels capture the rays of the sun and send the energy that they capture to the inverter. This inverter then moves the energy to the third component, which is the battery. The battery stores up energy for times when the suns' rays cannot full charge the system.

The fourth component that is needed in the pv system is the actual items that the solar energy powers. This may be a connection to a utility company meter, or it can be direct wiring to plugs and appliances within the structure. The sun also plays a large role in the solar energy system. While some may count this as a fifth component, it will be there whether or not the individual is able to harness it or not.

When seeking out a solar PV system remember that they are usually put into two main categories. These are the stand alone system and the grid connected systems. Each system has its positives and negatives, and the consumer must determine for themselves which system will best meet their needs.

The grid connected system has the potential to earn the consumer some money. This is always a plus. This system is connected directly into the meter box that belongs to the power company. This way if the solar does not produce enough energy, the grid system of the power company will kick in and keep the energy flowing. On the other hand, if the solar energy system that is hooked in to the grid overproduces energy, it will be fed through the energy lines and to the power company. This means that the power provider will then owe the consumer money.

The stand alone system is just that. It is an independent energy source that does not hook in to anything other than the demands of the structure it provides energy to. Batteries are used to store up the energy in times where the sun cannot power up the system, and for night use.

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