Is Internet Phone Service Right for You?

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Internet phone service is fast becoming a basic and almost indispensable business requirement. This is only to be expected as we are living in the age of the Internet and there is hardly any business enterprise without web presence.

In earlier times, you had only one type of telephone service for making local as well as long distance calls and you had no choice but to unquestioningly pay the charges for the services like everyone else.

But the situation has now completely changed with the advent of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones - also known as Internet phones. The question most business owners ask is - whether Internet phone services are necessary for their business. The answer is of course a resounding 'yes' as every business has to inescapably adapt to changing times and take full advantage of emerging technologies.

Availing Internet phone service means you substitute your traditional landline phone with a phone system that uses the Internet for phone communication. The traditional phone works on what is known as the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), a private network that reaches your premises through the standard phone jacks in the wall.

But with VoIP services, your existing phone connects to the Internet through cable or DSL modem. To facilitate this, the Internet phone service providers offer a small device, called a telephony adapter that plugs into the broadband modem.

But please understand that to avail Internet telephony and enjoy all its attendant benefits, you must have a reliable broadband Internet connection. If your cable or DSL service is dissatisfactory or runs into trouble often, then that will seriously affect your communications and in turn your business prospects. So, you should procure a dependable broadband connection before ordering VoIP services.

Secondly, because DSL and cable connections rely on modems that rely on power, you will have a problem on hand every time there is a power outage. But if you are keen on not losing your phone calls during a power outage, you may buy a universal power supply that keep desktop PCs running even during a power supply interruptions.

These two major shortcomings notwithstanding, VoIP offers a host of features and facilities that will drastically improve your business communications and enhance productivity.

The first and foremost reason why people clamor for Internet telephony is a huge savings in cost as opposed to the conventional PTSN telephony. Several other highly useful features include Call Hold, Call Return, Call Waiting, Caller ID, enhanced 911, Directory Assistance, Last Number Redial, Outbound Caller ID blocking, Speed Dial with Single or Double Digit, Three-way Conferencing, Voice Mail, Virtual Numbers, Anonymous Call Rejection etc.

There are certain other features you can manage yourself online - Auto Callback, Call Blocking, Call Forwarding, Call Logs, Distinctive Ringing, DND, Find Me, Simultaneous Ringing etc.

But what is most critical is you have to tie up with a reputed and reliable VoIP service provider who understands your nature of business and is sensitive to your needs.

Ring central is among one of the most leading VoIP service providers and they have a customer-base of around ten thousand spread across the globe. RingCentral provides all the telecommunication capabilities that today's businesses and household demand, while completely eliminating the need for expensive on-premise phone systems.

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