Is Herbalife A Scam? The Herbalife Review And The Key To Succeeding In This Business Opportunity

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In a large amount of cases, when folks are thinking about joining a business opportunity, they desire to do their research first. You can't blame them can you? One of the things that people seem to examine is the name of the company and scam. So in this case they would punch in Herbalife Scam.

The buzz of Herbalife being a scam has been going on for some time. A lot of people swear that this opportunity is a pyramid scheme. Really? The company has been here for thirty years, there are something like 2 million distributors in 72 countries and they make billions of dollars in revenue every year. If this organization were illegal or a scam, I believe they would be long gone by now. Nevertheless, in this review I am going to reveal some very key elements of building a thriving MLM business with Herbalife.

To start off, what does Herbalife do and who are they? The company was founded in 1980 by a man named Mark Hughes who unfortuanately passed away in 2000 at the early age of 44. They are predominantly recognized for their products in the nutritional market and they particularly focus their efforts on weight management and every day nutrition. They also have other products that include skincare merchandise. So this ought to eliminate the word "scam" right now. The majority of cases, if a MLM company has true products it is a legitamite business.

On their website they disclose that they have a lucrative compensation plan that pays out up to seventy three percent of product revenues to their reps even though I couldn't come across a layout of it. Even if they say they pay out a percentage that high, after speaking to some people it looks like that you would need a downline of larger than one hundred team members to create an income of greater than $1000 a month. That's grueling but I could be wrong.

Now we will look at their training. It seems that the training that they put forward to their distributors are through calls and company events and are the same traditional, old school strategies of making a list of your friends and family, holding meetings and using the 3 foot rule. Clearly this company has grown into a notably huge organization doing this, however 97% of the individuals who are using these techniques will fail and end up quitting in their first 90 days. This is the reason of why their retention rate is so low and many of their former distributors describe Herbalife as a scam.

There are some solutions though. You have a choice on how you are going to go about structuring a business with Herbalife. You might try the traditional methods that are in most cases doomed for failure, or you could be trained how to leverage the internet. There are ways that you can attract massive amounts of folksto you in swarms over the internet.

So here is what you can carry out. If you want to develop your Herbalife business to an unbelievable amount of online success, go ahead and click the links below and I will reveal to you what is holding people back from achieving the results that they deserve in their business.

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