Is Halle Berry Fit To Play The Role of The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin?

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Aretha Franklin has chosen an A-List cast for her upcoming anticipated biopic. She has admitted that she wants the biggest names in black Hollywood to be a part of her biopic. It is rumored that the Queen of Soul has indeed been meeting with stars such as Denzel Washington and Terrence Howard. However, the most talked about role is that of the Queen herself. Who would be given the coveted role? The potential candidates are Halle Berry, Jennifer Hudson or Fantasia Burrino. Franlkin has admitted that she is still undecided on who will get the part. The two candidates that have had the most buzz is Halle Berry and Jennifer Hudson. Franklin's top pick has been said to be Halle Berry. Some have said that Franklin's choice of Halle Berry is unrealistic since she had no resemblance to the actress at a younger age whereas Jennifer Hudson has more of the features and would make a realistic depiction. One thing is certain, regardless of who wins the role to play her she will always be the Queen of Soul.

A few weeks ago I was informed that Aretha Franklin would be performing at Radio City Music Hall in 2011( I was beyond thrilled. I was not thrilled however at the lack of buzz surrounding these shows. There was more buzz surrounding her choice of Halle Berry to portray her in her biopic. We're talking about The Queen of Soul. The woman with 18 competitive Grammys to date along with two honorary Grammys, should I go on?
After releasing 52 albums, Ms.Franklin is back at it. Well technically she never left but Ms.Franklin has about 5 upcoming shows until February 12th.
Aretha Franklin is a Diva in her own right. Remember the superbowl snickers commercial? Absolutely hilarious. Even if you are not an Aretha Franklin fan, chances are you have heard at least one of her hit singles whether it is "Respect", "Feel Like a Natural Woman", "Nothing Like The Real Thing" and the list goes on. Aretha Franklin was given the title "The Queen of Soul" when she was only in her 20's. To be such a young woman with such a honorary title is simply amazing. Franklin was the first lady to be inducted in to the Rock as well as Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. She was also the second lady to be inducted to the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2005.

The Queen of Soul has also had the honor of being recognized by some of the Presidents of the United States who served during her time. President Bill Clinton awarded Franklin with the National Medal of Arts in 1999. President George W. Bush also bestowed upon Franklin the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005. In 2008, Franklin gave a rousing performance of Samuel F. Smith's "My Country Tis of Thee" at the inauguration of President Obama in front of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C.
With all of her accomplishments Aretha Franklin is indeed an icon in our world today and what is better than seeing an icon perform live? If you are interested in securing tickets for one of her shows check out .

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