Is Cosmetics Your Answer to Anti-Aging?

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Cosmetics may well be one answer to the quest of: how to get a glowing skin, but guess what: Makeup isn't the only answer.

So, just how do you get glowing skin? How do you join the `beautiful people`?

And, more importantly, is that your goal? If it is, you may well happy to know there are different things - different steps - you can take to make that happen.

Not only are there different steps to take, but they are all beneficial to your overall self-confidence and self-esteem.

And, they are so easy!

Consider first, one answer to the question, "how do you get glowing skin" - is your attitude to life.

Don't believe me? I don't blame you - it is not a simple thing to accept - but 1000 % True.

Here we have the age old question of: Which came first - the chicken or egg. Let's twist that around a little: Which comes first - make skin glowing, or the glowing attitude?

How often have you seen a pessimistic individual who truly thought the world was against her / him - and marveled at how good that individual looked?

I would venture to say - never, or hardly ever.

The attendant question: How often have you seen an individual with truly a great disposition and attitude toward life - and had glowing skin?

I would venture to say - always, or nearly so!

So, now we have a clear connection that is indisputable.

Let's go further - have you seen a person who is full of vitality and love of life? Of course you have - we all have met her / him. And, it is always a blessing to be in the company of such an individual.

Now, let's look at that person more carefully:

What is her skin like? What is her energy level? What is her attitude?

Can we say that if she has any two of the characteristics above- that the odds of having the 3rd are almost 100%?

Pretty conclusive, isn't it?

So, just where do cosmetics, and makeup fit in? Well, that is the first of the three factors above.

Is there indeed a magic pill for attaining good skin? No, nothing magical - but, it is something within everybody's grasp.


Science has had amazing success in age-defying skin products. They have been able to replace and enhance the nutrients that the body needs Some are so good, that they offer money-back guarantees

Energy Levels:

The body doesn't produce all the nutrients you need for active living, particularly after the age of 25 Science again has come to the rescue - with amazing products Some of the products are so good, that they offer money-back guarantees

Positive Attitudes:

Although bookshelves at any library are chock full of self-help books - I am betting that the two elements above - giving you energy, vitality, and beautiful skin - will work wonders by themselves:


The questions of beauty: What is it? How does one attain it? and various questions are so interesting - and yet it boils down to the Inner Beauty - that each has. Go here to see how the complete package is put together:=>

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