Is Calcium the New Diet Pill?

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Okay okay okay, I couldnít resist writing such a scandalous sounding title. There is some truth in it. There is emerging evidence that calcium may reduce the absorption of fat into the body by half. This would lead to lower body fat percentage which is kind of really important in America where about 30% of adults are obese. With a lower body fat percentage we can get back to being a healthy country: mind, body and soul.

In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a small test group was used to find a correlation between calcium and fat absorption. One group took calcium supplements and the other ate dairy calcium. The dairy calcium lowered fat absorption by up to 19%. Dr. Oz also did a ďstudyĒ also between a diet low in calcium and one high in calcium. Those who ate more calcium absorbed half as much fat.

Now be careful, these studies are not entirely conclusive. They show a trend but were done in small groups and one was done for a TV show. There is reason to keep a healthy amount of skepticism about you on this one. However, we know that low-fat yogurt, cheese and milk is part of a healthy diet. So striving to get your recommended dairy each day is a good idea anyways! If this evidence proves solid then youíll be doing your body a service.

A note on dairy: Americans have a serious problem with consuming too much fat. Itís becoming harder and harder to avoid. So we need all the help we can get in reducing our intake of fat, especially saturated fat. Saturated fat is especially bad because unlike the unsaturated fats (good fats) it actually increases your cholesterol. By eating saturated fats you increase your cholesterol levels more than if you ate something high in cholesterol. Saturated fats are most commonly found in meat and fried foods such as beef, pork, chicken tenders, and of course milk. So, what do you do? Always choose low-fat or non-fat dairy. You donít compromise taste but you do shave off some of that nasty fat! If itís not going in your mouth, then itís not going to appear on your waistline, butt or thighs.

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