Is Breast Augmentation Too Young for Teenagers?

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Is it any wonder that you hear teenagers complain they are not happy with their appearance? They see makeovers and celebrities improving their look on television, magazines and anywhere else they venture to so why not improve yours too.

If it's not the common area or "my butt looks huge" then it's other factors of their body. One specific part that girls generally concentrate on is the size of their breasts. Whether these perceptions of themselves as somehow flawed are real or imaginary an increasing amount of young females are seeking cosmetic surgery as a quick fix for all their image issues.

They think they will not simply have a better appearance but they will also feel better overall and the young men will consider them more attractive if they have go ahead and get breast augmentation surgery.

Nevertheless, they generally do not think about what happens after the completed outcome, whether it is safe for teenagers or not.

It is not very easy to access confirmed data on the quantity of procedures for breast augmentation surgery on teenage women. This is due to some surgeons who go ahead and do the procedure with parental consent because it is considered illegal to perform a cosmetic surgery on minors.

Breast augmentation surgery is commonly performed as an outpatient process. It includes taking an anesthetic which puts you to sleep. An incision is done below the breast tissue. It may be beneath the breast, in the skin fold, nearer the armpit or adjacent to the nipple.

A silicone pocket that includes silicone gel or saline. The breast implant is then inserted underneath the skin and upon it being in the proper area the surgical cut is closed using stitches.

It is highly suggested that any teenager considering surgery will discuss it with their parents initially who will go over the possible risks of surgery and outcomes. If a parent or guardian is available, then it should be discussed with a doctor.

A teen is more than likely still growing and from the ages of 18 thru 21 the breasts are still growing and developing as well so any type of surgery in this area should not be performed unless they are older than 21 years of age.

As with any type of surgery there are still risks involved like soreness, pain, swelling, issues with anesthetics, bleeding, risk of infection, scarring or complications with the surgery.

One such complication is not achieving the size you want. The way you though it to appear may not have been accomplished. Sometimes when things go wrong they can go very wrong far beyond your expectations. The probability of this occurring to you are increased if you have not thoroughly checked out all factors of the surgery procedure or surgeon in the first place.

A very typical type of complication that may happen after breast augmentation surgery is what's called capsular contracture which is a tightening or hardening of the scar tissue encircling the implant. The end result is the breast may feel painful and hard.

Additional complications are drooping, nerve damage, leakage, numbness in the nipple area, and symmastia ( occurs when the breasts combine into one mass and deflation.)

As you understand all the possible risks and complications that there are issues involved related to safety which must be looked at before undergoing breast augmentation surgery.

A teenager, just like most people, needs to be fully aware of these risks and prepare ahead of time for the surgery and recovery before thinking of any surgery. It is by knowing all the possibilities and learning as much as you can to make an informed decision as to how safe they consider it to be.

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