Irrigation Systems and Equipment for the Agricultural Needs of Tasmania

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Largely agricultural areas like Tasmania will always need various kinds of irrigation systems and equipment for agriculture. Irrigation, by definition, is the artificial supplementation of water to soil.

Irrigators are used in Tasmania to ensure that the crops are supplied with the right amount of water. They also protect the crops from frost, minimize weeds and prevent soil consolidation.

Among the different kinds of irrigation systems used are sprinkler irrigation, centre pivot irrigation, surface irrigation, lateral move irrigation, drip irrigation, sub-irrigation and manual irrigation done by laborers. What sets these irrigation systems apart from one other is seen in the way each one distributes water. Water systems available in Tasmania are more of the modern kind.

One of the oldest kinds of irrigation systems is surface irrigation, in which dikes or canals are used to guide the flow of water by gravity from a higher location to some lower areas. Since the irrigated areas may become flooded when this method is used, it is also called flood irrigation. Rice paddies and rice terraces can benefit from this.

On the other hand, trickle irrigation or drip irrigation is a system that concentrates water delivery to the roots of the crops. Water is conserved when this process is used because there is only little runoff and evaporation. This can also be done using high tech mechanisms that involve computerization, but there are also labor-intensive methods that are more low-tech.

In sprinkler system or overhead system, solid-set sprinkler irrigation systems are the term for the sprays or sprinklers are attached to permanent structures mounted in certain parts of the field. What feeds the water to the system through a system of hard hoses is called a pump set. When the sprinklers are placed on structures that are rolled through fields, these are what they call traveling irrigator systems. Sprinklers attached to horizontal pipes that move in circular motion from a central pivot to water crops are centre pivot systems. The centre pivot systems are widely used in Tasmania.

North West Tasmania produces vegetables and tulips for the fresh market as well as for processing. North and North East of Tasmania, on the other hand, produce vegetables for processing as well, but also have vineyards. In these areas, centre pivots, linears, traveling guns, portable sprinkler systems and, sometimes, drip irrigation, are the common kinds of irrigation systems. Central Tasmania, which produces potatoes and cereals, uses traveling guns, centre pivots and some surface irrigation. South East Tasmania focuses on the production of vegetables like green leafy veggies and late season berries. Here, the most common irrigation systems are centre pivots, mini sprinklers, traveling guns and drip irrigation.

In this country, it is very important to acquire the most effective and suitable systems and equipment for their agricultural needs. When deciding on the best kinds of irrigation machinery and design for agriculture to purchase, advice from highly experienced experts would be required. Regular and proper maintenance and repair must also be available after purchasing such pieces of equipment. For all of these agricultural needs, a company that Tasmania can rely on is Van Diemen's Land Irrigation Pty Ltd.

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