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No need to say that we are living in an age which may term as Age of Communication. Earlier when human being had very little medium of communication, then it was unbelievable that the whole world could be captured by your finger only. Nowadays everyone has a cell phone, and the highly increasing  user ship has its own demand of new gadgets, tools, up to date applications etc etc.

Cellular companies are hiring well versed programmers and always ready to launch new softwares to fulfill the demand by consumers. The trend may be termed as Wireless Application Protocol or in short WAP. It is standardized internationally by Internet access through a mobile phone. WAP mobile application has almost all similarity to a web browsers which we use in computers such as Firefox or Opera and so on. Though some features are detached because of limited functionalities of mobile phones.

By using WAP, a user can get all services provided by different websites from his mobile phone. Users can easily access to their e-mails, browse any websites, read current news and above they are able to download music according to his choice. It is very helpful for businessmen who remain busy every time and to carry laptops everywhere is not possible for them.

WAP sites are created using the Wireless Markup Language, a hypertext language that supports well to mobile technologies, instead of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) that is used to design websites for computer. Similar to HTML, WML provides web interface features such as navigation, data input forms, hyperlinks, text and images.

How Mobile Internet Works

Mobile Internet access functions same as computer based system works, i.e. using specific gateway to reach to World Wide Web. When a user sends request for a page, the gateway fetches the page from the Web, and converts it into a format that the phone can recognize and read with ease. One amazing feature of mobile Internet is that you can query for phone numbers of required establishments through the Web. You can use the number and make a call where you want. It saves you from searching and dialing with fingers to a certain number from your phone.

Designing a Mobile Website

If you are designing a website for WAP browser, then you must know that there are some difference as compared to designing traditional website which is accessed from a desktop or laptop browser.

To build a website for computer is more easy in comparison of a mobile website. It is so because WAP accessing terminals varies from one phone to another. For example, terminal for Samsung devices and terminal for Nokia devices can't be alike in its operation or work. We see that WML itself has very strict specification and it is quite different thing if we compare it to its ancestor, HTML, despite of similarity in interface and functions of sites which have been built using their codes. There are different methods as far as designing of a mobile website is concerned, on the basis of specific phone models.

Below we will consider on a few important points:

Only Cascading Style Sheets can be used to design the layout of your mobile website.
Extended HTML (XHTML) and Extensible Markup Language (XML) can be used to hard-code the pages' design.

WAP users favor the use of radio buttons and list to take their choice.
Only the JPEG and GIF image formats are accepted in a WAP-oriented site.
Mobile web sites are uploaded and hosted using the ".mobi" in its top-domain name.

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