iPhone Apps for Kids : A new way of learning

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With the increasing demand and popularity of the iPhone, it is no surprise that new applications are created everyday to cater to the growing population of iPhone users.

iPhone apps not only cater the needs of parents but also targeting the kids as an integral part of their strategy.

With such a technology, you can grow your business or brand by utilizing the most used and powerful mobile platforms available in today's scenario. Any business that does not stand out from the competition can easily get washed away in the crowd. Consumers seek knowledge in the most user friendly way and if you can give them, you can flourish. It's an amazing technology that will help grow your profits.

Here the point of discussion is iPhone/iPad apps are in a way helpful for the kids. When most parents think of children using iPads and iPhones, they think of video games such as Angry Birds. What they may not realize is that these common devices can be amazing tools that help extend the range of learning for young kids. Technology is no doubt a part of us, even for our little ones. If you are troubled over the endless list of iPhone apps for kids available, here are some recommended apps suitable for kids:

1) Tractor Mac Arrives : Tractor Mac Arrives is an iOS storybook about Sibley the super workhorse and how Tractor Mac arrives at his farm and starts doing all the jobs that the horse used to do.

2) Heidi Part II released today: The second book of the Heidi App series by JustKidsApps, Heidi Part II, is now available on the iTunes App Store! At the end of Heidi Part I, Heidi, happily living in the mountains with Grandfather, was being taken away by her Aunt.

3) Spelling for iPhone/iPad : In the grand scheme of iOS apps, prefer apps that blur the line between entertainment and education so that when my children have time with an iOS device, they choose to play a game that is educational because they enjoy.

4) AlphaTots: In AlphaTots, children are presented with a button for each letter of the alphabet and when they press one, they are brought to a mini-game emphasizing a verb that starts.

5) Snuggle Mountain: Snuggle Mountain is the story of a little girl named Emma, who must climb to the top of a mountain and wake a two-headed giant in order to get the giant to cook her pancakes for breakfast.

6) GoodieWords: GoodieWords presents 18 advanced preschooler/early school-age words, such as healthy and time, and explains them in simple-to-understand language and mini-games.

7) TallyTots: TallyTots is one of the best learn-to-count apps. It starts with a screen with the first 20 numbers. When each is pressed, the app counts up to that number.

The above article will definitely helpful while choosing the best iPhone apps. It will be fun and also reduce barriers to their learning process of the kids.

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