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Do you know what an iphone is? An iphone is a line of Internet and multimedia which enabled smart phones designed and marketed by the Apple Inc. the iphone works as a camera phone which has text messaging, visual voicemail, a portable media player and internet with it. You can use the phone multi-touch screen to provide an effective keyboard instead of a physical keyboard. First people used gsm or cdma phones. Now days, every one is switching to iphones. Iphones are in fashion now. Apple Inc is a very famous Inc for iphone. Most of the iphone in the market is manufactured by apple inc. iphone were introduce in the year 2007 by the apple Inc. let see what are the feature on an iphone. If we talk about the screen of the iphone. So it has a touch screen of 9 cm, a crystal clear display, with scratch resistant glasses and used 18 bit color. The touch screen is design for a bare finger, or multiple fingers for multi-touch sensing. The touch and signal features of the iPhone are based on technology originally developed by Finger Works. Most ornament and styluses prevent the necessary electrical conductivity. The iphone also have a fingerprint-resistant coating.

There are two loud speaker located in the phone. One is above the screen an earpiece and the second is located on the left side of the unit. There is a microphone on the opposite of the loudspeaker. It also has a volume control which is located on the left side of the unit and as a slider in the iPod application. Both of these speakers are use for hands free operations and media playback. The iphone has an internal rechargeable battery. Same Like an iPod but different from most other cell phones, the battery is not user-replaceable. You also can charge the iphone by connecting it to the computer with the USB dock connector cable just like charging an ipod. Or you can directly connect it to an ac outlet. There is a feature called moisture sensors. This function indicates whether water damage has affected the device.

The sensors in an iPhone include a small disc placed in the headphone jack and in the area near the dock connector. This sensor is often used by Apple employees to find out whether the device qualifies for a warranty repair or replacement. If it is shown that the device has absorbed moisture they may verify that the device is not covered. There is software in the iphone called iphone os. It is based on the Darwin operating system core that is found in Mac OS X. it also included is the Core Animation software component from Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard. This software is responsible for the interface's motion graphics. The software application is not copied directly from Mac OS X but must be written and compiled specifically for iPhone OS. The iPhone also have feature like audio conferencing, call merging, call holding, caller ID and integration with other cellular network features and iPhone functions.

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