iPhone 5: Revolutionary or Evolutionary?

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Whilst the iPhone 5 set to be introduced at some point this coming year, both business and consumer rumours continues to be excessive in regards to what additional features this iPhone will have. The actual details at this point, however, are slim. It's known that the new iPhone 5 will operate on a brand new operating system, iOS 5, and that said iOS 5 shall be launched at Apple's keynote during the annual WWDC. Other than that, nearly all additional information available is more gossip than truth. With the features list mostly not known, the question becomes whether or not the features added to the iPhone 5 can make it groundbreaking among mobile phones, or more of an evolution from the current iPhone 4.

In spite of producing very successful products, Apple carries a history of disappointing customers with regards to implementing much-requested functions. Flash technology, for example, is a function that iPhone and iPad users have clamored for from the start. While the more skeptical analysts have theorized that it is a result of the level of popularity of Flash games possibly affecting Apple's video game sales via the App Store, Apple claims their wariness of Flash originates from security worries. Then there's the recent iPad 2 release, that was generally considered underwhelming in relation to additional features. As an example, microSD and USB capabilities were at the very top of numerous users wish lists, which Apple once again ignored in support of a lighter, thinner upgrade to the iPad's design. Moreover, ebook reader fans felt disappointed due to their demands for ipad 2 anti glare being disregarded, as the screen had equally as much glare as the original iPad.

Even when you factor in the rumored features for the iPhone 5, it still appears like more like an evolution of the present form rather than a revolutionary cellular device. 4G is a popular rumored addition, with supposed leaks proclaiming that it'll only be available on AT&T's network and not on Verizon. While a definite advancement, other 4G cell phones have been available for more than a year, such as HTC's trendy EVO 4G, that makes the inclusion less than revolutionary. Other gossip add some notion of a rounded screen, a feature meant to make it tougher for others to look at the smartphone in populated areas. Factor in that Google's Nexus S likewise sports a rounded screen, and Apple again falls short of being capable of call such a feature "innovative."

Looking at Apple's earlier advancements to the iPhone, and what is rumored to be added to the iPhone 5, the prospect of the iPhone 5 being a true revolution in today's marketplace is not looking good. Just like ipad 2 anti glare wasn't included, there are certain to be features omitted of iPhone 5's finalized launch. This isn't a guarantee, as Apple is also known for having the ability to keep their biggest secrets hidden till they're prepared to announce them. One thing is for certain, nevertheless, and that's that the iPhone 5 will be a huge success because of Apple's huge audience.

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