iPhone 5 Features - What's Most Expected This Time?

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The iPhone 5 features rumour cloud has already begun pouring across the world wide web. Technology websites, social websites, news wires and more websites are buzzing with news, rumors and information about the iPhone 5 and the features it possibly has. Here's a sneak peak at what the iPhone 5 bandwagon is all about:

Apple, maintaining its usual cloud of secrecy, has not spoken one word about iPhone 5 yet. There is no summer release which is a kind of a disappointment for those who were eagerly awaiting it. It looks clearly like any news about the device would only be out by the next Apple Developer Conference. Nevertheless, as in the case of iPhone 4, rumors, press reports, news and a host of other information is being released in a very frequent basis. The demands and the expectations of the people who are in the loop about iPhone 5 features are getting sky high without a doubt. The news and rumor mills are already churning quite a lot of information about what the iPhone 5 features might be or what the iPhone 5 features are in hot demand!

The iPhone 4 proved to be one of the most advanced smartphones of our times. It is quite tough to see anything more advanced than this, but a careful observation by many experts tells us that there is a lot of room for improvement. In fact, this is what has turned out to be the set of iPhone 5 features that are being expected or in demand. One of the prominent ones in this regard is the fact that some smartphones have processors that are faster than the one of iPhone 4. This is one of the expectations from iPhone 5 features this time around – to have a faster processor that beats all previous records.

The iPhone 5 definitely needs a faster performance. It is not just because Apple has always been setting benchmarks here, but also because the market for Android is slowly rising. The developers and programmers are focusing their abilities on Android OS because of its faster performance. Not just this, but more number of smartphones boasts Android with fast and equally heavy processors. This becomes a valid enough reason for iPhone 5 features to have a better, faster, quicker and smarter processor.

The design aspect of the iPhone 5 is rumored to be almost quite similar to that of the iPhone 4 but with certain changes here and there. To begin with, it is rumoured to be a unibody casing for the iPhone 5. This sure comes as a pleasant surprise because unibody designs are the way to go these days. The metallic, professional yet smooth, stylish and minimalistic but trendy design of the iPhone 4 carries on to the iPhone 5. With such a beautiful design, the iPhone 5 is sure to be palm-friendly to the users.


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