iPhone 4G To Ship in June

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Ever since the very first iPhone was released many people have been anxiously awaiting the new release every year. Each revision of the iPhone has given consumers the chance to explore new functionality, a sleeker design, and a better phone overall.

The latest release of the iPhone is the 4G version. Due to the high demand of the previous phones Foxconn has decided to ship a whopping number of 24 million of the phones that will start in June. The makers of the components of the iPhone based in Taiwan have released these facts. The original amount of phones that are going to be released is only 4.5 million for the immediate demand. The release date is anticipated to be June 7th, 2010. 19.5 million Units will be shipped later on in the year to complete the demand that is anticipated for the year.

The new phone has not completely been unveiled yet for all of the perks it is going to have. What we do know is that IPS is supported which is switching modes while on a plane along with FFS which is another method of switching technology. The resolution boasted on the 4G is a whopping boost of 854x480. The panels are supplied by the popular provider of LG technologies. The panels are also developed by Prime View International as well to get the best possible technology in this device.

The addition of FFS technology seems simple but it makes it easier to see the screen. The angle of vision is wider and quality is clearer, especially when people usually have trouble in bright areas of sunlight which have posed problems in the past. This addition has been added because it is rumored that Apple wants to make it easier to read Ebooks on the device. The feature has been supported previously but it is going to be simpler to do and more people are likely to use it if they aren't going to have difficulty reading the text. Apple keeps a store through iBooks and they want to keep their technology in competition with the other smart phones. HTC is ahead of Apple since this technology has already been introduced to users of the Hero.

The resolution being sharpened allows the iPhone to compare to the Android operated phones since their resolutions are 854x480 as well. The specifications of the inside include the Arm Cortex A8 processor which has been produced by Samsung. This is essential to allow the iPhone to function as a multi task phone. The battery life is promised to last longer since this device is even thinner than its predecessor by a whopping 1/3 or 33%. The battery technologies are owned by Dynapack International and Simplo Technology as well.

It appears that Apple is really stepping up their game when it comes to making this 4G compete on the smart phone market. They need to because competition is what fuels improvements. There is an ongoing battle to see who is going to come out ahead of the game on top.

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