iPhone 4G Digital Camera Quality

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One of the great features of the iPhone series has been the digital camera which is included as a part of the package of sleek design, numerous applications, and the touch screen.

The camera on the Apple iPhone functions great for what it is, a camera. However, do not be fooled into thinking that it is going to replace your digital camera for photo quality. It can be amazing for viewing quality and sharing those quick snapshots with your friends when you're on the go and can't wait to show someone baby's first smile or the beautiful scenery that you're currently experiencing.

The camera on the iPhone is very simple and does not really offer much in terms of quality. It is only 3.0 megapixels which doesn't compare to many other smart phones which have higher ones such as the 5.0 megapixels which are contained in the Motorola Droid and the Motorola Clig.

It functions similar to the way that webcams functioned back in the early ages of computers and cameras before digital cameras became the norm. This means that anything in action is going to appear incredibly grainy on screen and any images that are taken will have a delay between focusing and when the image eventually gets taken. If you need a lot of action shots for a big sporting event or are trying to capture your kids on camera, it is best that you seek another method of taking pictures.

The camera also lacks the basic features that many cameras have even on the most basic of cell phones including a zoom feature and a flash as well. Due to this, shots during both the night and early evening will not have the greatest appearance and may be grainy and unfocused.

It's not all bad though because if you're trying to get pictures of your friends and family with optimal lighting conditions the pictures come out very crisp, clear, bright, and vibrant in colors.

The main feature that Apple's camera has to make it worthwhile is how sharing and viewing work together. It comes out on top of the rest of the market. The phone allows you to use pictures as backgrounds or contact IDs along with features to allow direct uploads to Picasa so that friends and family on the internet can view that latest picture you took. The resolution that pictures are taken in are 1600x1200 and when you email them they get automatically resized to 640x480 which makes it convenient to email in smaller sizes. Once you take the picture you can zoom in to specific areas of it.

The iPhone has many features included which are noteworthy but they seem to have skipped over focusing on the camera in lieu of the other features which the iPhone has to offer. You can definitely get use out of the iPhone and its many applications, innovative touch screen controls, and excellent web browsing but skip out on using this as your main camera. Keep your digital handy for best results.

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