iPad Mini one of the best tablet from apple

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Mini IPad: hardware

Mini IPad game A5 processor first iPad 2. because it has been awhile since they left A5, we believe that it was some minor changes in the chipset, but recent analysis of photo shows otherwise.

Geekbench advises that mini iPad (the iPad2, according to internal numbering of Apple 5) a run only ArmV7 999 MHz with two CPU core is 32 KB L1 cache and 1 MB L2 cache (no L3 cache). Geekbench report 303 MB of RAM (512 MB of the system is used with total will be).

In terms of specifications, it is fairly close to an iPad 2 (in reality, is an iPad 2).

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Geekbench score new iPad from 735, but fast and original iPad (3rd generation) 757 in the same stadium as iPad 471 4, much slower than the third generation of the second generation iPad is quite fast, is extra power that pushes the retina display.

Mini IPad framerate 24 (GLBenchmark 2.5 Egypt HD test) that is less than 2, iPad, although Interestingly a little more fps that the iPad was measured at 3 22 fps.

So it is quite impressive. IPad is par mini iPad (3rd generation) that was selling a couple of weeks with a happy owner of 399.

We threw all the mini iPad games we are running at a respectable speed of frames and not drops of frame as real racing 2 and A 3 verdict powers including fully capable. and his shorts, feel that the mini iPad around the best portable game system is a real competitor.

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What the new iPad (4th generation) or iPhone 5 isn't as powerful, that increases the power of the grave.

Standard mini IPad
Apple iPad 2: hardware

As it is usual hardware update. first and most important Apple Tablet is a new processor, dual graphics A6X quad core processor - core is considered to be twice that with twice the performance of graphics with iPad 3 A5 chip found in more quickly as.

Of course these statements put the Apple test clock speed does not publish this type of GeekBench 2 GHz and app iPad 1.39 U.S. A6X but our RAM of 1 GB 4 GB 988 precision sampling.

The numbers are certainly impressive. GeekBench 2 we saw that 1769 (750 scored in iPad 3) 854ms a new record and an iPad average system 4 SunSpider JavaScript tests.

While the number and nothing can surprise, it is important to show the real lives of users. IPad is a device of 4 pillars, but the effect is not very fast, two times faster than iPad 3.

Graphics display impressive 39 FPS, fps framerate achieved 22 iPad 3. So reform of graphics that are more noticeable in az and we but most noticeable was the difference in the General navigation to see a map of Apple, for example, pinch zoom a little too soft.
Conclusion of IPad Mini vs free ipad 2 deals

Do doubt that the free iPad 2 Deals in terms of raw power all in seals.? 5 recent updates iPhone and iPod touch, there is a serious impetus for the capacity of double performance. is why? There is no special end-user benefit, why Apple is presenting all these new powerful tools. IOS interface on all fast, the current generation of game machines are designed to operate in (and in our experience is that the developers of the entire market for design rather than a long stick with the latest models of iOS).

There is still a mini iPad, i.e., retina, which in itself is worth the extra money, but getting an iPad with a big 4. but I don't think that the iPad is a mini experience. This is a small screen and a screen of retina not with small, perhaps, but it is all programs and applications still recent with retina display iPad 3.

If the Free iPad 2 Deals a few plan 4 (like the iPhone 4 and iPod touch) is that extra power all that takes advantage of one more thing IPad 4 certainly more futuro-impermeabilizacion is back.

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