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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is fast catching up as an economical way of communication with an abundance of useful features. With a VoIP phone you can make long distance calls either free or at a negligible rate as compared to the traditional mode of communication. To enjoy the benefits of IP phone, you need to have a reliable broadband connection as the entire communication takes place over the Internet.

The introduction of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones is the latest revolution in global communication. The IP phones have many benefits - VoIP phones use the internet to make the call and therefore you do not have to pay a charge like a mobile phone or a landline phone. Some VoIP suppliers may charge a small amount, but this is negligible compared to the hefty telephone phone bills you have been hitherto getting. The only expenditure that you will have to incur will be to pay the internet provider.

IP phones are becoming increasingly popular and individuals, small and medium-sized businesses and corporate organizations are purchasing the latest VoIP phones that are flooding the market. All the leading manufacturers like Philips, Linksys, Siemens and Panasonic have brought out VoIP phones with advanced features that are efficient and easy to use. You can choose the IP phones according to your communication needs and business requirements. The services offered via VoIP phones excel the traditional landline phones at many levels. Because the phone is connected to a computer network and can access computer technology, there are a variety of applications that can be availed of by the subscriber.

A VoIP phone uses an IP network to create a voice connection. Most VoIP phones enable common features like conferencing facilities, call wait, call transfer, call forward, called ID, call mute, etc. In addition to this, you will find excellent sound quality and increased talk time with these phones. VoIP technology even allows you to make calls just with the computers microphone and speakers. This apart, a video conference is possible for those wanting to make a conference call.

This is not all. The IP phone service providers can combine all your voice communications through a single phone number. Multiple call transferring is possible with this web administered phone service. The callers can make calls to the single local number or toll free number given by the users, which will be automatically connected to the required extensions.

Another remarkable benefit of VoIP phones is that international calls will cost you very little or none at all. This is a veritable boon for import/export businesses that have clients abroad and world wide. VoIP phones mean you can contact them as often as you wish without the concern of a huge phone bill. The technology behind VoIP phones is nothing scary and as a matter of fact, it is really simple to load onto your computer.

The VoIP type of communication is the technology of the future and it will grow in the commercial sector because the low operational cost combined with range of applications makes it a convenient way to conduct business communications. With such a sophisticated system in place, businesses which entail high telephone traffic can easily solve all complex communication problems. Since this phone service is scalable, developing business enterprises can gradually expand the system in keeping with the growth rate of their business.

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